Can Gardner Minshew get 10,000 subscribers?

The best play from Super Bowl 49 was definitely the one yard run by marshawn lynch to win the game

    Dave Donle

    Oh yeah


    Everyone seems forget and forgive the fact that Russell Wilson threw the interception.


    tylerdurden4232 well unless it was a rpo Russell Wilson was just using the play called and also the interception was an amazing play on the defense side

Matt Barker

Best play from Super Bowl 53 was the game ending.

    Maurice King

    Yes if you value offense more than defense

    Matt Barker

    Brennan McKinney Until they tricked us into thinking they would play Sweet Victory when they didn’t.

    Jon Wiley

    @Maurice King I will say never have I been more excited to see the Patriots get stopped and sacked on back to back plays

Dave Donle

0 views 6 likes 0 comments I would say first but they probably didn’t load in yet

RM 7

I’m surprised last years super bowl even had a good play😂

    always humbled god be with us 1106 to I die

    Yeah they should of put the half time show for it 😂

    Rathanak's Life

    Worst superbowl i have ever seen

    Patriots Dynasty

    @Rathanak’s Life is it because the Pats won


    Broncos Seahawks Super Bowl was worse by a mile. The outcome was already determined after the safety


Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Nick Foles got benched for Gardner Minshew.

    Namavoid Kundra

    Whiplash95 but don’t let that distract you from troy polamalu in the c gap

Loyal Philly fan

Fun Fact: Nick Foles is still the last player to throw & catch a td pass in the super bowl

    Loyal Philly fan

    The Real Russell Wilson fun fact: Russel Wilson threw a interception against the patriots to ruin Seahawks repeat hopes


    @Whiplash95 after a major injury.

    Rage Underscore

    Well the only other suber bowl that happened since then was sb 53

    Israel P

    Who cares? Only super Bowl the Sheagles will ever have.

    Patriots Dynasty

    @Can Gardner Minshew get 10,000 subscribers? fun fact. Patriots have 6 rings

Matthew Gehring

The moment you realize K.C. hasn’t won a super bowl since super bowl 4 lol

Sergio Cruz III

Devin Hester the GOAT


Who pumped for the super bowl
Let’s go Chiefs

    David Farley


    lil mumble-S plus L forever

    Chiefs is right

    Dman Dman

    @David Farley Chiefs **

    legalmexican l

    Dman Dman 49ers*

Can Gardner Minshew get 10,000 subscribers?

Super bowl logos got so un creative when roger goodell came

Jeffery Robertson

Best play in Superbowl history the helmet catch and Philly special underrated of all time


Patriots: Win 6 Super Bowls in two decades

Also Patriots: Most Likely will go 5-11 next season

DiamondClips TV

My favorite play was when they ran the ball with some on named MARSHAWN LYNCH

First Last

If I were a kicker in the NFL and they allowed it, I’d wear one of those single bar facemasks and pads 3 sizes too large.


8:18 is the first football game I’ve ever watched


11:59 just realized Jimmy g is there 😂

Ricardo Ramirez

I liked how they kept changing the logo after every year. Now they just reuse the same old bland logo each year

    Eye Conqueror

    Yeah, trash

The Panda Army

I wish they still got creative with the superbowl logos, but now they’re all generic 😞

Supreme B

9:26 you’re welcome.


Best play from super bowl 47 was when kaep broke Montana’s record for longest rushing td in a Super Bowl by a qb

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