The 2019 Finale | In the Current – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The 2019 Finale | In the Current

Mike Evans and Chris Godwin continue their offensive dominance, while Shaq Barrett looks to write his name in the history books.

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Ethan Young

Time to go get a snake!!! Love the current

Mike wesolowski

Keep shaq or we riot


    Shaq isn’t leaving, do not worry.

    Iraq Lobster

    JPP, Nassib and Suh are free agents too

YBOR Rob INJUSTICE Watch Florida Accountability

Keep what u got or we r done

Lies….I’m never done…GO BUCS

William Reed

We’re going to make noise next year


I really hope this series returns for 2020.

    Mike Flowers

    This year 3 now. Seems like it.

Too Fresh

“I wanna win. I wanna be in the playoffs”


We going all the way next year!!!

    Michael Neely

    You are dreaming. With Winston as quarterback forget it. His first touchdown was a interception run back for a touchdown and so was his last. The only quarterback in NFL history with 30 interceptions and touchdowns. He is a joke.

    M R

    Michael Neely Name a better QB that throw 40+ per game I’ll wait

Cameron Odom

Run it back with this team, this mindset and we are golden.

The Pryor80

What a great draft 2019 turned out to be. I love watching the defence so you know im excited for the future. Cant wait for next season.

boof pakk

I love my bucs, were gonna get this 2020

Mike Flowers

Lets go get it in 2020! Super bowl in our house lets get it!!!!

And what is the name of the song at the end???

    Javier Rodriguez

    We have to get there that’s the goal

Surreal Feeds

Already too excited for next season man…offseason takes forever


The 2010s were a decade of disappointment for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so let’s make the 2020s the decade of prosperity…

    Eduard Bandi

    Lord, let it be!!

Manny Vargas

this video just gave me hope for next season

Kent Jackson

Bucs showed a lot of promise 2019 y’all keep growing & keep that same energy & continue to get better I smell playoffs 2020 I see a 12-4 11-5 football team..

    Gareth Forde

    2002 & 2020 😉

Matthew Williams

All the (RFL )rigged football league refs need eye exams come 2020

Trust My Clutch

Longest 8 months of my life no bucs football😭😭

    Mark eatinnGuud

    Promise yeen missin nun

    Trust My Clutch

    @Mark eatinnGuud win or lose, I still support the team. It’s not normal of fans these days, I know…

    Mark eatinnGuud

    @Trust My Clutch ball is ball

Brandon Fuller

I really hope this series returns next season.

Iraq Lobster

It’s gonna be tough to resign Barrett, Suh, Pierre Paul and Nassib this offseason I hope we can lock up Barrett for sure tho

Caden Stevenson

As long as buccaneers don’t move , I’ll b a fan 4 life

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