‘That’s what I want to be in this league’: Drew Lock watches highlights of John Elway/Peyton Manning – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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jacob mondragon


    Nikolas B

    Brandon perna dat you?

Ben Buchanan

Playoff Bound next year 🤭🤭

Sam Bradfield

I am feeling very confident about next season Drew is the guy. Please Denver we need to draft pr buy this guy an o line. With that and the defense if we resign Simmons Wolfe Shelby Harris and maybe Harris Jr I really think we could go all the way next year. ✊🏽

sevon villa

Get delahay aka destroying

    DJ Annoyed Gaming

    He’s not good in pads doesn’t have the right mentality sucks in pads inconsistent and to cocky to get into the nfl and he talks like an idiot just saying

    DJ Annoyed Gaming

    He’s like Jamies Winston IF I ELIMINATE THE INCONSISTENCY ILL BE THE BEST but in the end he’s just a sad bad player

    King Stacy

    DJ Annoyed Gaming Well damn

    DJ Annoyed Gaming

    King Stacy just being straight forward srry

    Pszych a1

    DJ Annoyed Gaming I think he’s worth giving a workout, but not for us, McManus is good enough. I feel like it would be cheap to sign a person like that tho. Didn’t the pats sign a trick shot kicker or something?

Daily Dad

It just feels right. I hope the Broncos do Lock and the fans right and let him develop right.

Bronco Nation

I’m so confident in this team!

    James Medina

    Bronco Nation No! There is a lot of work to do AND Denver must Ace the Draft 💯

Fred Harvey

Go get ’em Drew!!!!!!

Bronco Nation

Also it’d be cool if the actual broncos channel hearted some comments and replied to some as well. It might get more people to watch



    Bronco Nation

    Prod.lilcarl26 you stfu

The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere



It’s your turn!!!! #NonStopLock

Augustiniano Ortega

Drew’s a beast

Shiba inu

2020 is the year, 2020-2021.

Highlights are Real

Love you broncos I have a drew lock card can I have your email so I can contact you so I can give it to you and he sigh it

Nikolas B

Yeeeeeet let’s show the world that broncos have a highly underrated offense and can stir the pot up next season!

Wallace Velie

Drew is much better then Elway. I remember Elway when he first came in this league, he had one speed of throw and it was bullet speed. He didn’t have much touch. Guys were coming off the field with permanent crosses etched in their skin. It took Elway some time to settle down and have fun. Drew reminds me of Manning, very intelligent, and very capable.

    the chip shop

    You could argue Elway was overrated benefiting from a weak conference going to 3 superbowls in 4 years but even if you ignore their draft status there’s no way I can imagine Lock beating out Elway in a training camp .


    That’s a stretch. Hes a beast though!

    Clinton Reisig

    Statistically, Lock has a better start in the NFL than Elway or Manning.

    Joseph Yamomo

    Look at the guys Elway played with on his first few years. I cant even name thair number one wideresever. Drew has courtlen sutton a 1000 yard running back and a decent defense. Elway made his team good after he got momentum. I think if drew can get his momentum he is going to be amazing. However what they have shown elway is way better.

    Teresa Mack

    Wait what???!!


I believe in him for next year and the years to come. Go Broncos

Joseph Yamomo

I just want to say he doesn’t need to be Peyton or Elway. He needs to be Drew Lock

Clyde Triplett

How many starting QB failures
For Denver since Payton?
Lock is number Seven ???

I don’t have much faith in a Elway after the Tebow mess.
Tebow won six in a row plus
Beat Pitt in the best playoff game I’ve ever seen a Denver QB play.


    Going 1-2 in the superbowl after tebow didnt restore any faith?

    David Lee

    Lock is 4-1 lol


    Plus he replaced tebow with manning who won mvp and broke every single season passing record. Obviously knows nothing about football

Scott Mathewson

Let s beat KC next season



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