Thank You Philip: After 16 Seasons with the Chargers Rivers Enters Free Agency – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Гоша Гео́ргий Константинович Микчаилов

For all the times I complained about an O-line, and you still made plays thank you! Yet they’re not thankful enough.

    Mars Ultor33

    Agreed. This past season wasn’t Phillips fault, everyone is saying he is declining as a player. But, look what he had to work with. Every season our o-line is riddled with injury and not great to begin with. We should of kept him one more year, especially if we are drafting Justin Herbert… I am disappointed and sad.


Have to retire his number. No Charger should wear it anymore.

    Eli 2006

    Maybe they will suck too if they do

    Jamie Wallwork

    Eli 2006 shut up

    Edmund Paguia

    Absolutely retire his number

    Kirk Moore

    All those retired numbers and NO Superbowl rings….. What a hollow victory the CHOKER faithful will accept. There are no moral victories. There’s no medal for ” Close, but no kewpie doll!”……

    Kirk Moore

    @Eli 2006
    The CHOKERS have lots of practice sucking and not choking…. Spanos’s coaching staff told them to breath thru their nose….

Mars Ultor33

We couldn’t keep him for one more year?

    Daniel Deford

    He deserves to go somewhere they will actually protect him for the first time in his career.

The College Startup

Greatest Charger Ever. Wishing you’ll get a Super Bowl before it’s all over.

    Legend__ 21

    @Sam W. no it’s easily LT, but this ain’t no time for a debate of who’s the GOAT, let’s just acknowledge rivers greatness🙏🏾💙⚡

    Legend__ 21

    @hhd gg facts bro

    Andrew Erie

    not my generation and no disrespect but you can’t kill your self and simultaneously be the best/greatest sorry

    Sam W.

    @Andrew Erie Mental illness is a serious thing my friend. You’re talking about him like he went on a killing spree and killed innocence, and that is not what he did. You might have your opinions about him, but I still see him as the big, loving, caring, genuine guy that he once was. If it wasn’t for him, I probably would’ve never got into football or even played it, once upon a time. Getting into football really changed me as an individual. And I am grateful for the things he use to do to help others. RIP Seau!

    Edmund Paguia

    Greatest since Dan Fouts #Impeachthespanos

Aaron Scarborough

This completely ruined my day. So sad, miss him already. Thank you Phil, so much.

    Edmund Paguia

    Mine too #Impeachthespanos

enTer ZoNe

Come to the L.A WILCATS….

Bereket Geremew

Miss you already 😭😭😭🤧

David Reda

Greatest charger ever. Thank you Philip, Antonio, Tomlinson. You’ve all made San Diego proud!


thanks to Anthony Lynn they went with his decision. lets hope its a good one.

    Yankee doodle

    lets hope to God that Herbert isn’t the next Ryan leaf


    @Yankee doodle LMAOOOOO if 2020 tanks fire Anthony promote gus bradley

Steven Foley

That’s my qb man⚡⚡


TT didn’t get him an O Line and was surprised when he couldn’t stay upright. Sorry our ownership wasted your career.

Does this mean we will finally get an Offensive Coordinator?

    Eli 2006

    He should be sorry for wasting others careers, we do need a better o line… But that can sometimes be solved by coaching.

    Daniel Deford

    @Eli 2006 Funny you think that a QB that never had even a top 15 (Average) pass blocking O-Line and put up HOF numbers “wasted others careers”. Ownership had one of the best QBs in history and never once put even an average pocket in front of him. Can’t wait to see him a Buc/Titan/Colt, at least they have O-Line. Not worried about any targets for Rivers as if he has time he’ll pick apart any Defense.

    I mean come on, he hasn’t even had a top 26 pass blocking O-Line since 2014, yet in 2018 with the 2nd worse pass blocking O-line he was 2nd/3rd in line for MVP.

Jerry Legend



He will always be a “San Diego Charger” ⚡⚡⚡#BoltUp #SanDiegoSuperChargers


Thank you philip A Charger Legend of my child hood


Rivers is a first ballot hall of famer!!!

Yankee doodle

One of the greatest QBs of all time, It was an honor to have you play on my favorite team. Best of wishes to whatever happens next Phillip, thanks for every thing. ⚡⚡⚡#17⚡⚡⚡

J.A. SoCal Sports Fan

1:04 run 80 set hut

Joel Rangel

Always will be My QB⚡️⚡️ never will there be another Chargers Qb with his kind of dedication to the game, his kind of hunger. Thank you Phil 😢😢⚡️⚡️⚡️💙💛

Danny Tran

I’ve been a charger fan for 15 years. Philip has been my only quarterback. After the lost of Kobe, I have even more appreciation for my quaterback who led my San Diego chargers all these years. Thank you Phil for my childhood. I know you have 9 kids but you have inspired many many more.


    me too man, it will be weird now, to see someone else…

    Marcus Porch

    Grew up in San Diego. Phillip has been my QB for as long as I’ve been into football

tiffany lara

My heart is broken. He should’ve played a season in the new stadium

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