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Thank you, Dante Scarnecchia!

An appreciation for Offensive Line Coach Dante Scarnecchia as he retires from the NFL.

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Seth Smart

Thank you so much for helping our team!!! 😆

Patrick White

Like I said in the “Dante mic’d up”
THIS IS AWFUL!!!! He was truly the unsung hero of our offence, trying to replace him is going to a serious mission.

    Oson Houston


    Neil Pavao

    he tried to retire few years ago, they begged him out of retirement.

Lioness Es

Well done Sir! The Patriots couldn’t have done it without you. Enjoy your retirement.

john boutwell

To many years on your retirement. Thank you sir for doing your job and making the Patriots a great dynasty. Making them better than great again

Oson Houston

I know how to explain it, you were the best damn O-line coach for over a decade.

john boutwell

I thought maybe he died at first. The way the video was going.. great job on the video

Jacquelin Joseph

You’re the best, Dante!


A guy who did his job

Jack Mc Nutskey

Dante! You’re the best!

Peter Karel Kraus

Time to pirate the Cowboys’ OL coach.


LEGEND of the game.


Gonna miss watching him on the sidelines!
It’s not rebuild.. but reload time!


Deserves HOF

Michael Irish

He belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame.
He should be in the Patriots Hall of Fame next.

    Rogemille Castillo

    He would be. I’m certain about it…

Bruce Vidito

Patriots nation has certainly been blessed to have a man that gave his all to help build the dynasty that the Patriots became. He will certainly be missed. Thank you for giving your all to the game and helping players to become better versions of themselves.


You’ve been fortunate, because you worked hard for it! Thank you coach!


I’m watching our great coaches and players get old and retire. Mark my words soon Edelman too and that’s going to be a huge hit just like loosing Tom. These next few years will be tuff who knows if we will have Tom next year too

Peter Petruzzi

I’m happy for you coach…. but at the same time, all I can think now is “OH GREAT, NOW WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!”

hollister lowe

He was the best O Line coach ever! HOF! A maestro at his position. Godspeed Scar!

Bort Flong

This is like a video package you’d make for anyone who was retiring. He’s the GOAT Oline coach not a well-liked janitor

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