Thank You, 12s.

Thank you to the best fans in the NFL for another great season!

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Jayden Hudson

I will be here fo life

    Captain Awesome

    Jayden Hudson For life!! I stand with ya Brother ✌🏽🤩

    Joangela Bowen

    Me too


Next year is our year!

    Major Aids

    We need better coaching staff

    Hellfire boy

    @Major Aids i think coaching is fine sometimes stupid calls from the coordinators but overall we are fine

    Shelton Shieh

    and not like cowboys fans

    Hellfire boy

    @Major Aids i agree in many of your points but draft o-line pls or i am disappointed

Karis T

This was so sweet.

Nyome Nicholas - Williams


Tombstone_ Song

For some reason I thought that this was a. Thank you for all that you’ve done. Good bye. Kind of video when I got the notification. I was about to cry. Go hawks💚💙. Thank you beast mode

nascere allen

Home of the 12 (hope we keep Clowney)

Sam Dath

High hopes for next season go hawks and hopefully Clowney will be back and I hope marshawn comes back as a running back coach go hawks

    Glory V2

    That would be sick!

The Funko Bro’s

😢here comes 7 months of depression

    Holly Nagel

    Exactly. Miss our hawks wish the season wasn’t over💚💙💚💙💚



    Joangela Bowen

    I hear you deeply

Football News And Highlights

Only Seahawks fans can like

    Lil NippleD

    Football News And Highlights stfu

Zachary Olsen

This is an epic fan base

Tim Shiner

Hope to see the Beast back for next year.

You’re welcome!
Let’s draft some pass rushers, defensive backs and o-linemen and next season’s gonna be ours!!
Go Hawks💙💚

    Hellfire boy

    @iSea hope we get yetur gross matos or chaisson and nice oline then maybe adebo

    r azose

    iSea Is dk contract up?

    Johny Test

    We need new defense cordonator


    I don’t know anything about the defensive coordinator, but you’re probably right bc we have good defensive players and it’s just a disaster and theres always big open gaps in the defense, we fix that and the o-line we have a superbowl worthy team. We didnt have much TE help either that game against the packers but I’m sure that’ll get better.


    @Johny Test
    I looked it up on google bc I didnt know either but I hope he stays for his whole career. He’ll be a hall of fame player.

    D.K. Metcalf signed a 4 year, $4,586,050 contract with the Seattle Seahawks, including a $1,355,308 signing bonus, $1,759,308 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $1,146,513. In 2020, Metcalf will earn a base salary of $703,457, while carrying a cap hit of $1,042,284 and a dead cap value of $1,420,481. › d.k.-metcalf-29100

    D.K. Metcalf Contract Details, Salary Cap Breakdowns, Salaries, Bonuses | Spotrac

Erin Mckain

I promise on my life pary to god my lord that Seahawks will win the super bowl next season love you go hawks


    What happens if they dont


Do we get free health care as a fan?
How many fans have gone to the hospital watching Seahawks game.
The seahawks have introduced me to this game and I want to become a pro like Russ.
Hes a great person inspires me, aswell as the whole team.
Thank you SEAHAWKS for the journey I’ve had being a fan.

    Greatness here

    Dam bro chase ur dreams

    Greatness here

    U gonna play QB


    Yeah that’s my goal I’m quick. I’m not fast in straight line races and such but I’m quick. Also I dont know of any Egyptians in the league and we’re pretty athletic so maybe I could inspire others like Russ inspired me.


no problem! Love this team. Lets do better at home next time around aye? lmao good luck next season. Go hawks 😀

Steven Claggett

I want to thank every member of the Seattle Seahawks, for me this has been the most exciting season since the team started. We have a outstanding group of guys that play lights out! Hope you all get healthy in the off season and enjoy your time off. See you next season on the way to the SUPER BOWL!


Even if y’all make me mad, raise my blood pressure to unbelievable numbers, I’ll remain a 12 from Dallas Texas

David Zakaryan

Thank you, Seahawks, for 18 heart attacks

Incredible season


We win every game
We win every season
If we lose, we still win
Because we are Seahawks
💙 One 🏈 Family 💚

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