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Thank you, 10 | Eli Manning Announces Retirement

In Eli Manning's 16 season legendary career, he holds virtually every Giants quarterback record. A two time super Bowl MVP, who has displayed leadership both on the field and in the community. Here’s a quick snapshot of this New York Giants legend.

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steph sn

gonna miss you so much eli🥺

Muz Kamal26

Will miss him a lot


Damn allergies!!


I say no player is loved more in NY today!


That’s my quarterback. will miss you Eli!!!

The Giants 85

Damn onion got my eyes.

    Amit Ramsingh


Kush Master

“And i did it my way” Frank Sinatra’s voice 🏆🏆🐐


We LOVE ELI!!!!!


There should be a movie about Eli’s life and career!!!!


    Bryt3 hell yea

    Luminious Beings NYC

    At least to that 2007 SB

Tim K

If only they gave him a line to protect him from 2012 on.


    exactly! When Eli had a good O line from 08-12 guess what? Two superbowls! The Giants front office made just too many mistakes after that.

    Tim K

    @eoe123321 Jerry Reese was a bum.

Bot Snowman

We will miss you Eli 🐐

Josh Dobbs

Both of the Mannings brothers know how to beat Tom Brady & The Patriots


Thank you Eli!!! ❤️

Daniel Morales

I remember when I was 8, You beat the Undefeated pats and Shocked the world. That Day, I fell in love with the game of football. 4 Years later, I watched as you beat the pats AGAIN in super 46.
Thanks for the memories, Eli! #BradyKiller #18-1 #HOF #Legend #10forever


My Dad raised me to have love for the game and those who play it with GREATNESS! Been a fan of the Manning family since I was a kid! The First Family of Football! Eli is a legend just like Archie! Definitely won’t be the last Manning in the NFL!! Mad respect 🙏🏽See you in CANTON! From – A Stupid Cowboys Fan!

Swedish Viking

Thanks for beating the Patriots not once but twice !!



PBR Streetgang

The scout called up to Giants management said something like “You gotta see this guy, he reminds of a young Johnny Unitas”.
Well he certainly worked out well.
Real well.


Class act QB. I grew up watching him throughout my childhood. My favorite QB of all time. Thank you for everything 1️⃣0️⃣. Truly The 🐐. 💙

Richard Pilhofer

Going into the league he was “Peyton’s little brother”, now upon retirement, he’ll forever be remembered as a dynasty killer 💯

Fernando Crespo

Its an honor too watch you play,my favorite GIANT of all time, a very sad day but See you soon in CANTON OHIO #10 we will miss you. Thank you

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