Taysom Hill’s Top Plays from 2019 NFL Season | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Taysom Hill’s Top Plays from 2019 NFL Season | New Orleans Saints

Highlights of the best plays of the 2019 NFL season from the New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill. Review Taysom's top plays from the Saints offense in 2019.
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Taysom Hill QB for 2020 Campaign go Taysom

    Ryan Flanagan


Parker Gabriel


Nuyu Art

He better be our starting QB after this tease!!!


    he won’t be able to do plays like these then… Brees is still QB #1 and I don’t understand how a Saints fan could say something else… just because Hill had a good season and a great playoff game (not even on the QB position every play) doesn’t mean he should be the starting QB. we would lose him in Special Teams, TE, WR, RB and FB…

    Nuyu Art

    @WaveSamu sooooo at age 30 you’d rather play him in all those positions than give him his fair chance at his main??? I love Brees too but its time for him to bow out while he on top! I hope he becomes the qb coach honestly! So yeah i hope Hill starts cuz he deserves it and he is the exact spark we need!


    @Nuyu Art what fair chance? seems like you assume that he doesn’t WANT to be the swiss army knife but you just don’t know. maybe he’s happy with his role in the team.
    but yeah, I respect your opinion, I just got another one 😀

    Darrell Johnson

    @WaveSamu Hill repeatedly says he wants to be a starting qb, but enjoys his role in the mean time. If the Saints are not careful/not willing to match, they could lose him this year to a team that does want to start him at qb.

    Ryan Flanagan



We HAVE to resign him… Please…

Jacob Tabor

The only reason we lost was because that call that “wasn’t” PI

Justin Bingham


    Ryan Flanagan


Taylor Wilcox

He is such an exciting player to watch. I’m always hyped to see #7 take the field!

Oussama Wess

Rush the ball, catch and throw, block punts… The one and only Taysom Hill can do that

Marshall Mathers

Are we gonna lose him?

    Ryan Flanagan


GamerMode Twenty-Three

Sign him a long time deal with the saints mr.everything and plays every position also he is successful wherever he lines up on the field who dat

Ryan Flanagan

I am big New Orleans Saints fan

Ryan Flanagan


Ryan Flanagan

New Orleans Saints

Ryan Flanagan

Go New Orleans Saints

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