Taysom Hill’s Deep Ball Leads to Saints TD! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Taysom Hill’s Deep Ball Leads to Saints TD!

Taysom Hill finds Deonte Harris for a 50 yard completion then leads Alvin Kamara into the end zone for the Saints opening touchdown. The Minnesota Vikings take on the New Orleans Saints during the Wild Card Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Jack Franklin

and then he was a blocker

Saucy Goat

He really does it all😂😂

yoot ube

Who is here after the interception

    Jack Wreck2

    Like nobody going to be like no I’m in the past😆😆

    King Niggaz

    @Jack Wreck2 https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

Bøøger Mcfarland

Deonte Harris should be a starting receiver.

Kyle Mansuy

Swiss Army Knife

National Shitposting Agency

They should’ve kept him in, Brees looking rough out there.


This guy hill is the ultimate Madden character. Literally can have him play on each side of the ball.


Hill went deep and set up a TD. Blocked on it too.
Brees went deep and got pic’d lol


Dude has a cannon.

Guy Montag

He should be a starting QB for some team and he would be a superstar.

    Aaron Seidl

    That moment when Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson thought Hundley was better 😂😭


I’m kinda worried for my team the ravens because I’m for sure we’re gonna beat the titans but we wanted the patriots to beat the chiefs because the chiefs are the only team that can beat the ravens


Please hill play the rest of the game. Brees today worse that ryan


Somebody better look to trade for tayson hill the guy does everything

    Patrick Bronske

    Nah I think the saints wanna keep him

Big Will

Another drive stolen from Minnesota by the officials

Johnny Lemons

Damn, Taysom has an arm. I wonder if he ever considered being a quarterback

Jake Jackson

The irony is that right before the play happened, the commentator said he doesn’t like any play without Drew Brees

Sue Sally

New Orleans give the ball to hill !

Big Will

Cam Jordan just lays out cousins on a dead play…….no penalty 🤷‍♀️ what’s going on here? This is obvious bias

Roy M

Ten vs NE Last night I started with Boston lager beer but after 1st half I switched with Titans
Now, I’m having red wine, don’t know later.

Glizzoxk Lzz

Hill just scored a TD ‼️

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