Taysom Hill Talks Special Teams, Playing WR | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Taysom Hill Talks Special Teams, Playing WR | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints' week 16 matchup against the Tennessee Titans during the 2019 NFL season.
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Dalton Smith

This guy is awesome ⚜️

Silver Is The Name

The JOKER!!!!!


    Silver Is The Name his smile is like the joker lol

Connor Bergeron

Let’s get this dub

Ferocious Lamb

Let me start by saying, I like Teddy. He’s a great player and I would be honored if he continues to quarterback for the Saints.

Okay with that out of the way, Taysom Hill is flat out incredible! I’ve never seen a player excel at doing so many different things on a football field. I really hope he continues to develop and ends up the future quarterback after Brees!

Once again, no offense to Teddy Bridgewater intended.

    Bryson Ronquillo

    Gabriel Vergara San Martín that’s true. My point is that it’s silly to assume Hill would be any better than Bridgewater since Teddy didn’t lose a game he started and they both had their opportunities in training camp, practice, and preseason to prove themselves as passers.

    Kalash Operator

    Taysom Hill is just fun to watch play. When I see him with the ball or on the field, it gets me excited. Teddy just bores me

    Ferocious Lamb

    @Bryson Ronquillo Who said anything about Hill being better at quarterback than Bridgewater this year?

    It’s like you didn’t read my original comment at all.

    To be clear, my opinion is that Hill is the more interesting prospect and I hope he continues to develop to become the heir to Brees.

    Glenn A

    Ferocious Lamb if you know football teddy would be a lot better than taysom as a every down QB taysom yes he’s fast and he’s strong but Payton needs a passer in his offense that taysom is not so accuracy is not there yea he can make a couple throws but teddy can throw every route and with drew he’s gonna get better plus teddy is younger taysom can do it all except be a consistent passer

    Ferocious Lamb

    @Glenn A Like I just got through telling Bryson Ronquillo, nobody in this comment chain and certainly not myself has claimed that Taysom Hill is the better quarterback as of this moment in time.

    My opinion is that Taysom Hill is the more interesting prospect and certainly more exciting to watch. I hope he develops into the future starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

    Is that clear enough, for you?

3dw1n TTV


3dw1n TTV


George Brother

Coach Payton need to used him in the slot in the playoffs to get him match up on a LB or saftey!!!

Scott Stlaey

Between you n Bridgewater I’d like to see a few 1st down 50 yd passes. It’s been a lil bit since we got someone like that. Harris, n Ginn r capable
Let’s pave our way to Miami now. I want everyone scared to play us, either side of the ball .
Let’s go. Who Dat

Tim Michael

Taysom is a real life madden create a player.

    Max Winkel

    Lol yes

    Tank Harper

    😂 right

Max Winkel

Taysom I was at 2 of your season ending injuries in college and I hope to not see any in the NFL because your fun to watch

Gabriel Vergara San Martín

They need to keep this guy at all cost. Once Drew decides to hang his helmet, Taysom can be the center of an offense that emulate the Ravens, with some differences as he’s not as fast as Lamar Jackson, but stronger.

    Lea Tuikolovatu

    What is really the difference betw 4.4 40 time for Hill and 4.3 time for Jamar Jackson? They’re both faster than most if not all running backs in the league. I agree, an specific offense for Taysom’s game will be scary good, and I am not a Saints fan.


    Get rid of teddy keep Taysom.

    Kalash Operator

    As much I as I want him to stay, I have a feeling he’ll leave. His long term goal is to play QB as the starter. If the opportunity presents itself, he’ll leave. I doubt he wants to keep sitting behind as a backup QB

    Michael M

    Running qbs get hurt eventually. Taysum has a history of injuries. Love the guy tho.

    grant christensen

    Actually. he may be faster than Jackson. He’s reportedly faster than anybody on the Saints.

James Zachery

move him to WR asap

    B Wheels

    James Zachery slot or te


    James Zachery no let em be everything 😂🐐

    James Zachery

    B Wheels he would shine in the slot lined up next to smith

    James Zachery

    ATF23 truu

Marybeth Heirsch

He so handsome 😍

Trying 2 Get Right

Hill do so much if we make it to the Superbowl in win I wouldn’t be surprised if he came up with a play to earn him Superbowl MVP.

Donny Gresham

Swiss Army knife ⚜️

Ramon Crocodilians Productions

That’s right Taysom!!!! Geaux Saints ⚜🏈⚜🏈

Hansum joe

If they go with 5 post-9, 7 will start somewhere, maybe SD or Washington, but will they adapt their offense to his skills?
If 5 leaves, he could inserted nicely into another scheme, while 7 and Sean would build another rapport like he did with Drew

Mary Wilson

I love me some Taysom Hill.

Eric Walker

** Saints need to turn him loose an allow him to play QB he is electric in the open field ** Lamar Jackson type

Ryan Flanagan

Go Saints

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