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Tarik Cohen Greets Fans & Reveals Hat Line

Bears running back Tarik Cohen met fans at Bears Fit, a Bears-themed fitness center in Vernon Hills, to sign autographs, take photos and promote his new hat line with New Era.

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Nicholas Pergolizzi

I like the Bears throwbacks ! because all we have to be proud of is nostalgia because the current bears suck

    Joseph Rios

    I mean regardless, those are some sick hats

Mr. Bear

That’s sick we got good merch m8

Herman Godinez


Vincent Parker

I proud of him he has a big heart

Michael Coffey

Nice to see, but hope Tarik hits the weight room, improves his core and hope the Bears see him for what he is a weapon to be used in the pass game and 3 to 5 run attempts ea game MAX. That will allow him to use his talent like a D Sprole type. They want another every down back to spell Montgomery draft one or sign one.

    Vincent Parker

    Yeah true only if they get a new front line to block for RB’s

Roxanne McCray

Instead of hats , Tarik should be watching film so he could figure out why he is always running sideways , backwards & out of bounds !!! Since ’63 I’ve never seen a year when other teams looked forward to playing the Bears ! Bears were a extra bye week for 14 weeks ! Norm/Herd

Paul K

Will these hats run away from contact with my head like Tarik does with defenders?

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