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I don’t see why Jerry’s mind isn’t already made up about a lot of these coaches and players. They showed what they had last week in Philadelphia. Let the coaches and players walk, you don’t win championships with dead wood.

John Doe

Trade Dak to draft Burrow

    Gregory Williams

    Burrow is not very good!! He will get drafted 1st, but people get all hyped after one good season! Grass always looks greener!


    You’re delusional

    Stevie Mac23

    Rather take a chance on someone who could fall later to the mid rounds since we need a better backup anyways. Maybe Jamie Newman from Wake Forest


    Tua is going to drop because of injury, draft him.

    Brian Waller

    I’m sure David Helman likes this lol

Trabian Shillow

We will win depending on which Cowboys team decide to show up… That’s period, END OF STORY!!!

Mark Frederick

Anyone interested in hear about THIS years Cowboys team start @ 11:14…..Your welcome

Brian Waller

Eagles. It was clear as crystal, clear as water, clear as air the eagles wanted it more than Dallas.

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