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Instinct_ pricey

Come on BOYS beat them rams

    Jay Boogie

    Yes Sir 👍

    Skeptical Fan

    49-13 Rams!

    Instinct_ pricey

    Oh heck no

Brett WB

Garrett needs to go. Two play-off wins in 9 years is pitiful. This is a results oriented business.

    Skeptical Fan

    Fire all the coaches.

    Brett WB

    @Skeptical Fan I’m with ya. Here are some stats…

    Jason Garrett’s record:
    Teams BELOW .500: 41-15 (73.2%)
    Teams AT .500: 18-12 (66.6%)
    Teams ABOVE .500: 24-39 (38.0%)

Henry Hill

Entire coaching staff needs to go .

Jay Boogie


Gary Blount

I miss Broadus, but i enjoy Mr. Walls

Jesse Newman

Happy B day Broadus!

Bro Tarikh

Did Everson Walls just say that Jalen Ramsey’s entrance to training camp was “ghetto”??? So, people in the ghetto drive around in brinks trucks??? (@ 42:51)


Sean Lee hurt?In other news water is wet and the sky is blue..

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