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Otis Ochoa


Chris Pyle

It’s now time for Jerry to put Jimmy in the ring of honor

    Chris Pyle

    @Sully or that’s what I think

    Michael Nguyen

    Itโ€™s been time, but late is better than never


    Its actually an embarrassment to Jerry that he made the HOF first. I honestly think that Jerry thought he would never get in. Good for the NFL to stick it to Jerry


    @APJ It’s an embarrassment to Jerry that he got in the HOF in 2017 before Jimmy? WTF? That doesn’t make sense…


    @Titus the fact that Jimmy got in the HOF first and not the ROH is what Jerry should be embarrassed about. That’s what I mean, I was responding to the statement up top

chad pettitt

An entire segment on HOF stuff? Nah. Let’s talk the team. We dont even know 90% of the names being talked about.

    Brian Daniel

    What do you want to talk about it’s the offseason no transactions no draft yet get real keep acting like somebody’s forcing you to watch


    @Brian Daniel Oh let’s see. They could talk about what FA they’d like to keep and sign. They could talk about players in the upcoming draft they’d like to see the cowboys go after. They could talk about the coaches McCarthy has brought on board already and future coaches he might still want. It’s obvious from all of your previous comments that you have a miserable life. I feel sorry for you…

Don Washington

I’ll say it again. If we go to a 3-4 this team will stumble backwards on defense for two seasons. They will just have to decide if they are writing off the defensive side of the ball for the next two years. That seems like not a great idea short term.

    Brian Daniel

    You have no idea you’re not a professional you’re not a coach you can’t speak for the players you have no clue how long it would take if the switch is to a 3/4


    @Brian Daniel
    First, have you ever heard of punctuation? Second, all the defensive players, ESPECIALLY the front 7 have been drafted SPECIFICALLY for a 4-3 defense. That’s why we passed on T.J. Watt; they thought he was more of a 3-4 OLB. But hey, keep telling people on YouTube they have no clue what they’re talking about if it makes your miserable life better.


    @Brian Daniel I bet your boyfriend gets really tired of that running mouth of yours



Luis Garcia

Have this guy be our defensive backs coach

I Rankin

Walls is simply excellent
Thank god this show is listenable again
: )
Go Tigers!!! #2020 champs

Vincent Sample

IMO when drafting high, you select in-the-trenches high dollar positions for the best value. Trench potiential seldom falls.

Dak 5 years 170 million
Cooper 5 years 90 million
Jones 5 years 70-75
Quinn 3 years 33-36 million
Michael Bennett 1 year 5 + 2.5 million
Cobb 2 years 12-14 million
Crawford 3 years 15 million { 4, 5, 6 }
Mike Daniels 1 year 4 + 1 million
Ha Ha Dix 2 years 6 million
Lee 1 year 3 million
Anthony Brown 3 years 8.5 million
Jeff Heath 2 years 5.5 million
Malcom Smith 2 years 5 million
Hyder 1 year 1.75
(Witten 1 year 2.5 million)
AND YES YES YES they all fit nicely.

Way Too Early 2020 Draft:

1st Round Pick 17) DL Javon Kinlaw 6’6 306 South Carolina
17) Edge Curtis Weaver 6’3 265 Boisie St
17) S Grant Delpit 6’3 205 LSU
Fellow Gamecock Kinlaw in a rotation with Hill at the defacto 3 tech is strong ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

2nd Round Pick 51) DE Alton Robinson 6’4 255 Syracuse
51) TE Jared Pinkney 6’5 260 Vanderbilt


I make that trade for Adams happen….especially if Gregory is back.

Trade: { (51) + Cory Flemming + 2021 (1st) & (5th) }

Jamal Adams

3rd Round Pick 81) NT Benito Jones 6’1 328 Mississippi
Noses rotation:
Woods / Jones / Daniels or Foto ๐Ÿ’ช ๐Ÿ’ช ๐Ÿ’ช

4th Round Pick 123) WR/PR Brandon Aiyuk 6’1 200 Arizona St
Future slot and return man…good value.

5th Round Pick 165) OT Zach Robertson 6’5 335 Ariz St
165) DT Leki Fotu 6’5 335 Utah
If Mike Daniels not signed…..
165) S Tanner Muse 6’1 230 Clemson

5th Round Pick 180) for Beasley
Trade Down: 200 & 218

6th Round Pick 200) FB Jay Jay Wilson 6’3 255 Auburn
I keep Olawale but draft a Hammer ๐Ÿ”จfor this offense in front of Zek and Pollard.

6th Round Pick 218) TE Tyrone Weatly 6’6 265 Stoney Brook

7th Round Pick 245) Tony Towndsend 6’2 184 Florida

Way too Early Cowboy Depth Chart ( 1 / 12 / 20 )

24 on Offense:

2 Quarterbacks:
Dak, Rush

4 Runningbacks:
Zek, Pollard, Olawale(fb), Wilson(fb)
Weber (ps)

6 Wide Outs:
Cooper, Gallup, Cobb, Aiyuk,
2 of:
Tayvon Austin
Noah Brown
Jon’vea Johnson
Kevin Smith
Ventell Bryant

3 Tightends:
Jarwin(55%), Witten(30%), Shultz(15%)
Weatley (ps)

9 O-Line:
Smith / Flemming($) or Hyatt (st)
Williams / McGovern (g/c)
Freddrick / McGovern (c/g)
Martin / McGovern / Redman
Collins / Knight (t/g)

Defensive Depth Chart: 26
3 – 4 hybrid ~/~ 5 – 2

(Edge) Quinn/Gregory or [Robinson]
(Will) LVE/Lee /Smith(N)
(3-Tec) [ Kinlaw ] / Hill
(1-Tec) Woods/(Daniels)/[Jones]
(5-Tec) (Bennett) / (Crawford)
(Jack) Smith /Gibson/Covington
(Edge) Lawrence/Hyder

5 Cornerbacks:
Awusie, [Jones], [Brown], Lewis, C.J Goodwin

4 Safties:
Woods, Wilson
(Ha Ha Dix) [Heath] or [Thompson]
Or…Jamal Adams๐Ÿ™

    Doug Tyree

    Def need to create impact interior pressure up front on the Dline!

Harmony Grace

Love Them Boys ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿˆ

Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

I’ve been waiting 30 years for Captain Crash Cliff Harris & Drew Pearson, both undrafted free agents, to be selected to the hall. They are the only 70’s all decade team starters NOT in the H.O.F. We’ll find out today.

Doug Tyree

I hope Mike gets to pick his own QB, The Boys need better then average and You can’t WIN with a QB who passes so BAD…

Gregory Williams

Love Everson Walls, should be in the HOF, thats why the HOF voting is big joke

Gregory Williams

Wow he said exactly what I was telling someone the other day Player do not think the game. I mean you know you are Blitzing why are you 10 yrds off the receiver

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