Talkin’ Cowboys: Building Off This W? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Talkin’ Cowboys: Building Off This W? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

From the wild coin toss to the final whistle, the crew breaks down the Cowboys’ dominant win over the Rams and what it means for the rest of the season.
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D -Lo

Where is Bryan ? I dont get it .


    D -Lo he doesn’t work for the Cowboys anymore. Subscribe to a podcast called “about them Cowboys” he’s on there fairly regularly.

    D -Lo

    RamboSlice my man, okay I’ll check it out , thx

    Great One

    Him and Mickey had an argument so Brian said f this I’m out


Everson is so terrible. This show needs Broaddus back so badly.

Jordan K

Chido had a great game as well

Austin Lee

Sheesh man it seems like non stop they are talking about something at least 25 years in the past or more.
Sucks, I used to really enjoy this show.

M DeBehnke

Brian broaddus

Great One

Brian Broaddus was the show. I ain’t watching these dudes anymore

Dewayne Boswell

now all they have to do is ride the wave. If they feed off of this then, this would start to look like them 95 Cowboys. The 1995 season wasnt good by no means, but they got hot right at the end of the season and that momentum carried the team all the way to the Super Bowl, and dominate THAT game too, because Im here to tell, ya, the Steelers had more talent than we did in 95, but they played complimentary football, and they out physicalled everyone.

Great One

Hangin’ with the boys is the best show, hands down

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