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Tackling machine Blake Martinez | Packers Daily

Mike Spofford reviews the strong Week 17 performances by LB Blake Martinez and WR Allen Lazard in this edition of Packers Daily.

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Demarcus Curry

First ❤️💯

Packer Power

Let’s get these sacks against New Orleans.


    stop with the projection ! We might end up playing several of these teams .

    Lou Phillips

    @jesusoftheapestrue but its gonna be the saints


    @Lou Phillips Its going to be who cares ? Bring it on !

    aaron berhane

    Packer Power I hope we do Brees is smart in the pocket tho

Bruh Moment

Packers winning Super bowl

    S T

    hardly doubt it lol

    Bruh Moment

    S T I’m just being hyped I know they won’t but I just like them

Packersfan 12

I have confident we could beat the Saints. I respect them but don’t fear them.

Packersfan 12

If Aaron Rodgers gets back to form i don’t see any team beating us.

    Paul Imig

    Lol stop being in denial.

    Arod hasnt been arod in 3 years…ya ever think mb this is who he is now?
    Cuz it is

    Packersfan 12

    @Paul Imig He was hurt the last 2 years wth u talking about.

    Matthew Aleman

    He’s still Aaron Rodgers lafluer didn’t let him throw 30 tds this year

tammy steves

Blake has better hands than Kevin King

    aaron berhane

    Paul Imig it’s not like we getting Bobby Wagner or Luke Kuechly so just deal with Blake for now

    Ryan Rosado

    @Paul Imig really

    Kao Lor

    He’s under rated when it comes to who’s top linebacker in the division. In the league he’s top 10. He was a 4 or 5 th rd draft pick and to be success it’s win. Is he the fastest or hardest hitter no but his intelligence or playing smart is making up for the speed or hitting. There are few guys coming out of Stanford is doing well in the nfl.


    King has 5 picks but go off

    tammy steves

    talktozay yeah he should have 10

Paul Imig

Real fand know blake is trash
Leads nfl in tackles
Doesnt mean much when they are tackles 6 yards down field

777d7777 777d7777

D-Train !!!!!
And Lazard is a freak of nature the guy jumps so high and still manages to make miraculous grabs
Go Pack Go!!!!

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