T.J. Watt wins team MVP, Switzer & Nix return to practice, Hodges & JuJu speak to the media – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

T.J. Watt wins team MVP, Switzer & Nix return to practice, Hodges & JuJu speak to the media

Missi Matthews provides an injury update, break down what Devlin Hodges, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Coach Fichtner and Coach Butler said in their media sessions,

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Trashawn Hayes

Let’s go Steelers!!!

Adrian Harms


Dwight Schrute

We need Nix back for his blocking, that’s a big reason why the run game hasn’t been gat good, Switzer is eh, we could use him as a 5th or 6th WR 😂

    Matt Edwards

    I like eli rogers more than switz.

    Dwight Schrute

    Matt Edwards Me too

    STEELERS Pittsburgh

    Switzer needs to be cut.

    aveo 26

    Switzer could be our qb

    STEELERS Pittsburgh

    @aveo 26 he’s shorter than Duck. Maybe he has a stronger arm tho 😂

S.V Will

Don’t ever let switzer leave that practice field! Ever!

    Brandon Vore


    Go Steelers

    You must like watching guys be trash at their job

Go Steelers

I want to move on from Switzer the guy can only catch punts I mean that’s good but damn I would like to see a couple go to the house. Switzer sucks

    Michael Martin

    hes a huge reason the team struggled so badly early in the season. catch a punt get 5 yards or less just didnt cut it , how tomlin let that go on as long as it did is discraceful

    Go Steelers

    @Michael Martin I know right smfh this coaching staff is comical sometimes

    Go Steelers

    @Michael Martin getting tackled like a rag doll and what not smh let him go somewhere else and play


    Michael Martin probably become they lost a 5th round pick for him lol

Matt Edwards

Juju needs to step up

    Go Steelers

    @CodGod -155 you shut up juju sucks

    aKa SpooKz

    Nah for real he needs to step up! he play around to much. He gotta realised that this is his job now!!!

    Matt Edwards

    @CodGod -155 even before he was hurt he won’t stepping up dummy he the #1 and don’t even have the most receiving yards. AB made juju look better than what he really is sad but it’s the truth🤦‍♂️

    Go Steelers

    @aKa SpooKz the fumbles kill me I love juju don’t get me wrong

    William Hanley

    He hasn’t really had a chance to… Got to get huge separation with our QBs these days..

Jonathan Davila

We can do it

Steeler Juju19

Great job T.J.

CodGod -155

Juju in hospital

    Anthony C.


    CodGod -155

    He went to hospital on Christmas cuz is knee was bothering him way to much check his Twitter


all talking “last game of the season” so i guess the players have given up.

William Hanley

Was finkner a truck driver before this job

Carter Knight

We better be ready to score more than 10 pts

Carter Knight

Let’s go Texans. I’m a steelers fan


Duck 🦆 Duck 🦆 goose 🥚🤓

Neubian Sosa

Why is Switzer still on the team?

Paul Jesus

🔥 fire the offensive coordinator now

    Ben Ladik

    Why because he hasn’t found a way to get an overall 3rd string offense to score points? I am not a big proponent of blaming circumstances but the circumstances are pretty awful on that side of the ball.

    L L

    @Ben Ladik HIs play calling blows


Juju needs to step up and start balling. I know he’s got the talent. And TJ deserved this. He’s a beast.

Damien Perry

Why is Switzer still on the team?


Release switzer, hes 💩 waste of cap space


I wanna see them get Washington the ball as often as possible, he’s looked unstoppable at times this year. Johnson has looked good too, but he’s a bit of a fumble bunny. I don’t really see the value of Switzer, but maybe he’ll finally prove us all wrong.

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