Super Bowl LIV Do’s & Don’ts!

Join Dave Dameshek and former NFL DE Chris Long as they discuss the Do's & Don'ts of Super Bowl LIV!

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Jackie Gellatly

One of the first I don’t know

Jonathan Wong

Rest Easy Kobe 🙏🙏

Philly Philly


    Philly Philly

    @Austin Madore 🤣


    Don’t- Believe that it’s the Cowboys year

    An angry Jets Fan

    Duzer dont*-be a Cowboys fan

    Koaladude 71


    Soda King

    you don’t have to be in a Superbowl to know you remember the ones you lost more then Won

jonah sher

Me: I’m early! Quick, say something!

Also me: …

Ghost Shadow

*YES TY. now I can win the Super Bowl thx NFL*

    Philly Philly



Do – win a playoff game
Don’t – lose a 24 point lead

    Football Films

    PFT. Imagine blowing a 24 point lead in the Super Bowl. Falcons fan here

    Nick Johnson


    BYM The Greatest Man Alive

    Please show some love, otherwise don’t click!
    Germaphobes be like!

    Can I get 175 SUBS!

Freak A Zoid

WTF yall talking about 🤔


    Came to say this lol

Sports 311

Do: Get off to a good start in the super bowl

Don’t: Let your adrenaline get out of control to the point of losing focus on this big stage on Sunday

    Jay Calloway

    *cough* *cough* FALCONS *cough* *cough*

    Emmanuel Falade

    @Jay Calloway STFU

    Jay Calloway

    Emmanuel Falade 🙂

    Drew Clifton

    Sports 311 I hate every comment you make. You state the obvious and cliche like you are the first person to make such simple observations.


0:00 that’s Alex Smith :l


    Because they aren’t highlighting the KC quarterback, they are showing clips of the guy he is interviewing. Chris Long, who played for the eagles in that clip and the Patriots in the next one.


    poeticalvision ok that makes more sense

Parven Chemudupati

Do: Be focused and take the game seriously.
Don’t: Become the “Eugene Robinson” of your team.

Bobby shmurdas Hat

Don’t:let them score

Austin Porter

Do: Score points

Don’t: Let the other team score points

    Koaladude 71


    Jay Ramautarsing

    Very big brain


    Words of wisdom, courtesy of Austin.

    shawn bopko

    none of these teams are not that ready to me they both wear not never as good as what they are now

The Sports Boy

Do: Win
Don’t: Lose

Marcus Bolton

Super bowl with patriots =boring
Super bowl without patriots =entertaining

    Soda King

    i mean the Patriots have played in some of the greatest Superbowls of all time like the first Giants Patriots superbowl the second eagles patriots superbowl and the patriots falcons superbowl these were incredible games hell you could even argue the first eagles patriots superbowl to that list


It’s simple
Do: Win
Don’t: Lose

Football Films

Do: Win the Super Bowl
Don’t: Be a falcons fan

    Mason P

    Football Films People were rooting for the Falcons in Super Bowl 51 just because they hate New England 😂


Do: Play tough. “This but a scratch”.
Don’t: Avoid fumble. “Don’t wanna get hurt for this season”. (it’s the last game)

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Ciaran McGuinness

Do: give the ball to Marshawn Lynch on the 1 yard line

Don’t: Pass the ball on the one yard line

    Mason P

    Ciaran McGuinness That will haunt the Seahawks until the end of time. Awesome final drive of the game until you get to the one yard line and Marshawn Lynch is on your team nope you throw the ball instead of handing it to him resulting in a interception. Really if Seattle ran it up the middle with lynch or Wilson they would of won 31-28 and a possible start of a Seahawks dynasty.

Charlie Castle

Fun fact: jimmy G is undefeated when clean shaven

Raphael Nascimento

Do’s & Don’ts
First question: shave or not shave.
Me: Ok. Ight Imma Head Out.

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