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Mahomes really set our standards high now😭

Bboy B3000

I’m getting sick and tired of seeing different teams win championships, I’m still wondering when am i gonna see the Bears win a super bowl

    Cj Johnson

    Foreal man I swear

    David Thompson


    Nicholas Pergolizzi

    the franchise doesn’t care about winning a Super Bowl. The bears sell out despite having some of the highest ticket prices in the league and they raised them again this year even though they suck . Its all about cash , as long as the McCaskeys can bleed fans pockets dry with a mediocre product there is zero reason for them to fix it

David Thompson

Coolest thing ever!

Emperor Penguin

best commercial of the night, all the other ones were dumb

    Football Addict

    The Alexa commercial was funny


Well Mahomes just added a Superbowl trophy and MVP to his resume. Congratulations to the McCaskey family for being completely incompetent and congratulations to Ryan Pace for sinking the franchise into mediocrity while the Chiefs will be in contention every year for at least the next fifteen years. The McCaskey’s have been a disgrace to the Halas legacy. Too bad Lamar Hunt’s children didn’t run our franchise.

    Nicholas Pergolizzi

    yes you nailed it could not agree more !

OG Skywalker

Can’t stand seeing this old hag completely put this franchise in a dump and we won’t ever get out untill the team is sold or the whole family just magically dies all at once. Way to run a historic franchise like a business and not like a football team.

    Mike Arnold

    OG Skywalker that old had has done more for the poor and the city of Chicago in one day than you have in a lifetime.

    Thomas Funfsinn

    Dude…loosen up.

    enTer ZoNe

    @Mike Arnold than she SHOULD run the street and LEAVE the team alone… She’s a failure to organization….

Mr. Bear

Inshallah we will get another Super Bowl… BEAR DOWN🏈🐻🏈

Michael Coffey

Kid seemed very cute very humble. Commercial was the only semi good one from last night’s game too.

Nicholas Pergolizzi

Mahommes wins MVP and now Super Bowl MVP. Meanwhile Mediocre Mitch struggles behind a garbage O Line we refuse to fix. Way to jack up ticket prices and cancel Bourbonais training camp! really looking out for the fans Virginia . I guess all us blue collar south siders and country bumpkins south of Soldier field don’t matter anymore ! what an embarrassment to this city and the league

I'm Awesome

At one time, bears had a chance to get either Garoppolo or Mahomes. How many passes are bears fans going to give ownership and the front office?


this and the Pat Tillman was very moving.


Can anybody explain what Trubisky accomplished prior to the draft that was superior to Watson or Mahomes that justified him being drafted ahead of them?

Delta CampFire

So wholesome

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