Steve Atwater staying optimistic one day before Hall of Fame vote – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steve doesn’t get enough credit he deserves the HoF selection


Fingers crossed 🤞🏼 good luck Steve you deserve the hall

livingdeadgirl46 46

If he doesnt get in I’ll be mad it’s his time

michael kelley

he deserves this so bad im really hoping he gets this H.O.F

carson houser

I hope the Broncos will go to the superbowl next year fingers crossed🤞

Mike Lee

Man I hope not you’re a bronco and broncos don’t deserve that. That’s a trash team and a trash legacy maybe if denver knew how to play pro football it would be different.

    Clinton Reisig

    You just don’t know. Are you around 8 yo? You just don’t know

    Todd Lack

    Mike Lee Mahomes never won a SB idiot. Saying he’s this pro when he’s done nothing is laughable. Also, I highly suggest going back to school you write like a 7 year old.

Clinton Reisig

Huge impact player. He was and is famous for his effect on each and every game


Polamalu’s gonna get in before Steve and it’s absolute horeshit. Polamalu is NOT a first ballot guy.


He should be inducted just for the Okoye hit alone.

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