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We donโ€™t need to get in the playoffs. Fire Garrett hire a new coach and start getting a new scheme,mindset and culture in the locker room. Just look to 2020 this was a wasted season. JUST ACCEPT IT.

    Billy Hill

    are you really that dumb the think highly head coach is going to do it the coaches and Dallas has nothing to say about what’s going on they’re puppets they do with the Puppet Master says are there gone are you so dumb you can’t see that


    @Billy Hill Nonsense! Jerry, when he first got the team, was always on the sidelines during the game seeming to interfere. He hasn’t done that in a long time, and he certainly doesn’t call down to the field from his box telling the coaches what to run. He doesn’t call the plays, he doesn’t coach the team, he doesn’t play defense, he doesn’t drop the ball, he doesn’t miss the open man, he doesn’t tell his players to fumble, he doesn’t tell them to commit inopportune fouls. That being said, they need to move on from Jason G, and Jason W. for that matter. They both have run their course. Witt is just to slow after the catch.


Im about to listen to this but I bet its gonna be a bunch of cheese

Tim Cameron

Stevie Wonder can see it’s the coaches fault…pull your head out your butts for real


    Tim Cameron he knows .

    Billy Hill

    it doesn’t matter who the f****** coaches you idiot as long as Jerry Jones destroying things the coach will be a puppet Jerry Jones is the Puppet Master the coach is nothing but a figurehead the coaches have no power to do anything Igbo people that’s why you still Cowboy fans

    Snatcher Claus

    Coaches suck but the players suck too.

Gregory Sandoz

Need to replace Dak and clean house

    Billy Hill


    Snatcher Claus


Ramon Flores

Why didn’t we not keep parcels Zimmer? Shawn Payton ? Its because you didn’t want to pay or let the coach run the team you both are trash as gms !!!

    Billy Hill

    amen somebody sees the truth

Ramon Flores

Big meeting he is going to the bank to cash gm ck . This team will never win another super bowl with the jones in charge they dont have a clue the league has passed them up !!! Years ago!!!

    Billy Hill

    amen again tell the truth

Eddie V

I do think a lot of the Players are to comfortable and should be on notice.

They have not accomplished squat as a Team

Parcels seemed to be over the top with the mind games.

i don’t think he got the most out of his players.

Jimmy seemed to figure out the balance and his players played for him and loved him.

Linda Callazo

Sell the team – fans are over it ๐Ÿ™„

Ricky Madison

Fire Garrett and please get a TRUE QB

    Ricky Madison

    He’s not that guy if I was the cowboys I would offer him no more than 30mil a yr. If he don’t take it. I would franchise him. So what you say about that. I know plenty of coaches and execs that say they wouldn’t come close to messing their salary cap up on that kid

    Ricky Madison

    I think I’m talking to young kid that don’t know what he’s talking about

    Ricky Madison



    @Ricky Madison No need to SHOUT!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    @Ricky Madison Too bad that decision is not yours, mine, or those ‘plenty of coaches and execs” to make. The NFL players are ALL overpaid and overhyped.

jeremy x

All the politically correct talk
But yet
We continue seeing all the wrong results

Shut up and fix the dang team man

You got a $5.5B franchise playing like it’s not even worth what your pops paid for it when it was dirt cheap

Ramon Flores

Bla bla bla same old story over rated coaches over rated players over rated gm!!!

    Billy Hill

    damn one more smart Cowboy fan that realizes the Cowboy will never be worth a damn as long as the Jones family owns the Cowboys

    Samuel Johnson

    Ramon Flores stupid fire the fucking coach


The Jones family should start selling Oil and Gas again……….

    kenneth stanley

    AG I been saying that for the longest and everybody talk about me about like I’m a idiot just because of the things you said but 25 years of mediocrity and putting bad products on the field along with bad coaches ( excluding Bill Parcells ) will be a reason for them to sell the team or like you said AG start selling oil and gas again.


    I’d be cool if every single one of then went on a vacation on that new yacht…..then the new yacht burned down killing every single person.


Steven Jones is in denial…


    About what?

Billy Hill

you know why you can’t get the Rhythm you’re f****** father won’t stay out of the coaching business you got a quarterback that’s been like this ever since he’s started he’s hot he’s glow he’s throwing behind receivers Bears quarterbacks coming open next year. Josh Allen and several others that are just as good if not more accurate with a ball the Prescott what you can get for a hell of a lot less money and bills keep good players but you know Jerry stupid this way he’ll overpay Prescott and lose good players is suck for the next 10 years because Jerry makes a final decision even when it comes to coaching cuz they’ll always have a puppet like Jason Garrett even if he fires in because Jerry Jones is the Puppet Master it makes all the decisions then it’s always somebody else’s fault when it goes bad f*** Jerry Jones f*** the Cowboys I quit being a fan somewhere years ago cuz that’s all all I want to see cuz when Jerry fire Jimmy Johnson he proved he was a f****** idiot cuz he wants all the glory but always got to s*** in between the ears he can make money but knows nothing about running a football team

randy noel

Fire Garrett, the DC, ST coach

Robert Bunn

Please Jones family sell the team!!!!

Robert Bunn

Please amazon buy the Dallas Cowboys!!!!


Go home, Stephen. You’re drunk again.


Cowboys curse fire the best coach ever jimmy Johnson

Greico Rolle

Sell the team please and relieve us fans out of our misery

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