Stephen Gilmore’s 2 INTs & More Top Plays vs. CIN | Belichick Breakdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Stephen Gilmore’s 2 INTs & More Top Plays vs. CIN | Belichick Breakdown

Bill Belichick breaks down the Patriots victory over the Bengals including highlights from the kicking & special teams game, the multiple interceptions from J.C. Jackson and Stephon Gilmore, and the run-game TD from Rex Burkhead.

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Decay_ JPP

How many patriots fans think that their offense is not good

    Intellectual One

    No running game, a pathetic offensive line who can block for nothing, and a depleted receiving core who has the most drops in the league and their #1 receiver with the most drops of any receiver in the league. Tom Brady can’t do everything by himself.

    fatboy fresh

    If only Antonio brown never would’ve been that dumb

Calvin Nelms

I was there yesterday was Stephon Gilmore had that pig six and two interceptions

Intellectual One

Best corner in the game!

riyan patel

He is good

Tiffany Robinson

175 for the running game we need more of the next week

Intellectual One

Gilmore for DPOY


Thank you TB for all of the many great games. And to you coach B getting it all done by doing your job! The two GOAT’s!!!

John Conor

That was a great move from Rex burkhead
Stephon Gilmore 6 pick return was great..
If the referee did not blow the whistle for KC game that would have been another return for Gilmore.. let’s go pats

    kyrie junior


    Sahil S.

    Agree with everything except if you watch the KC Gilmore interception, you can see tyreek hill ran up right behind him so it probably wouldn’t have been a touchdown

    Dennis Angjeli

    Sahil S. Ya tyreek hill is stupid fast

Ron Alexander

Play off’s baby you know how we are in the playoffs


BB can start a school for football offering PhD level degrees.


Okay, Breakdown on a Monday!? I may be reading into this, but I feel like this indicates they are getting into playoff preparation mode starting this week, like, get this media thing out of the way, we have a lot of work to do this week to prepare for the Bills. I think this team is rounding into form just in time for another playoff push.

    mwoz 11

    Doing it Monday because of the short week playing buffalo on Saturday

J Coleman シ

Yes so great to see Rex healthy. He’s really improving too he’s making moves instead of just running over people

Sterling Archer

this is such a great show for other team coaches to pick billichicks brain and how to counter him.. good job making it easier for other team to beat his team.

Amran Nahshal

lol @ coach bill using the camera angels that shows the bengals sideline 🤭🤭🤭
dude is a savage


Scott gushes like a kid next to Bill. He always has.

Scott T Pea

You know it’s been a good week when the Belichick breakdowns come out

Dean Krsteski

Congratulation Patriots

Dean Krsteski

Stephen Gilmore

Chris P. Bacon

3:02 “I was kinda telling him which way to go but I think he figured that out” hahaha. Belichick has such a great dry sense of humor.

Dean Krsteski

I am and still will be The New England Patriots cheerleader :)) or gives them three trophies in row of five Super Bowl Finals . Malcom Butler 2015, Tom Brady 2017 and Julian Edelman 2019 .
Note, I do not belong to this country North Macedonia .
Creating FIFA World Championship in Russia 2018.
My favourite team, men’s representation of France since 1992 took or earn Trophy, Football Champions of the world 2018 in Russia .

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