Steelers Training Camp Wrap Up: Injury update, rookies, Banner (Aug. 24) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steelers Training Camp Wrap Up: Injury update, rookies, Banner (Aug. 24)

Missi Matthews and Craig Wolfley wrap up what Coach Mike Tomlin said in his media session, what they saw during the Steelers practice on Monday, August 24.

Training Camp Wrap Up is your live, go-to place to see and hear all that happened at Heinz Field each day following practice (est. time 3:30 p.m.). The Steelers are hosting their 2020 Training Camp at Heinz Field.

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Ian Whitman Reply

Here we go Steelers

Redder 4 Reply

Go Steelers!

Mootan Applesauce Reply

Big Ben time

Gags Wtsg Reply

Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

a b Reply

Haden is having plays made against him. I’m kind of worries a bit.

    Just wing it YT Reply

    I agree that is scary, buy is it is good for him when he goes up against big time receivers he’s ready for them guys.

a b Reply

It’s also looking highly likely that Duck will get the third string spot and not Lynch. He didn’t even look at a wide open receiver today in practice, and missed another wide open man by 20 yards.

Manchild Does Dumb Crap Reply

Highsmith inheriting 56 from LaMarr

    Anthony Sauer Reply

    He better live up to that number

    Manchild Does Dumb Crap Reply

    @Anthony Sauer that’s a high standard

Randy Farley Reply


Grant Smith Reply

Going up against a top 5 defense every day in practice is going to make everyone on offense better. For Banner, going up against Watt is a good barometer on where he is as a tackle.

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