Steelers Press Conference (May 13): Connor Heyward | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Steelers Press Conference (May 13): Connor Heyward | Pittsburgh Steelers

Connor Heyward on Day 1 of rookie minicamp, making his mark in the NFL, being in Pittsburgh and more

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JFed4 Reply

That’s the best mindset to have, he knows he has to carve his own place on the team and uses that as motivation ⚫️🟡

Yung OG Reply

2nd or 3rd string TE, back up fullback, and special teams

    clank Reply

    why have a backup fullback? just cut Watt

    Dark3stRainZ _ Reply

    @clank derek watt is the best on special teams. i doubt they will cut him

    Mrpiccaso Reply

    @Dark3stRainZ _ wouldn’t say he is the best special teamer but if we cut him I’d agree we lose a big part of the special teams room I believe they split snaps at fullback or use Connor more as the athletic fullback

yasin hamidy Reply

1 ❤ Eres un ídolo Kimmy-jka.Monster siempre en mi corazón,hermosa, amor,eleccioness,culturales. 💋 Son unos de los mejor…

josiah williams Reply

I wish I could see him line up behind watt in power I. He could still be a solid power back option. I know najee has plenty of power

Adie Lubbe Reply

Great interview from Conner. Let’s go baby!


They gonna use gun as a wildcard secret weapon. I already see explosive runs from this kid

Christian Bravo Reply

Really like this guy man , hope he gets some reps !

Kedrick Winters Reply

Why didnt he get to pick a number

Kyle Escobar Reply

Cant wait to see another iron head in the Steeler fam. hes a good kid. interviews likes he plays.

DeaDeYes60 Reply

I have a feeling young Heyward is going to be around here for awhile

    Steve S. Reply

    Agree 100% He will fit in somewhere in the offense and stay there a long time.

Bookz With Vonte Reply

Him and Muth is gonna be dynamic

Jeb Bush Reply

Peyton Manning won on big deals

David LaVeck Reply

I see Connor as a Special Teams Ace to start. His versatility will come in handy.

kyle m Reply

Wish they would have taken Derion Kendrick with this pick, but oh well.
Hoping for the best for Connor.

Steve S. Reply

Total athlete. He will fit in somewhere and stay there for a long time.

Steve S. Reply

With the RPO and the Jet offensive scheme, his abilities as a blocker, power running back and his pass catching skills, this young man will be sweet. Tight end screens….rumblin, bumblin all the way.

Jared Green Reply

That’s awesome attitude and good character guy right there! Go to work Connor & look 4ward to watch you as a STEELER!

Thor Muntz Reply

Why am I getting a Bettis vibe about this guy? I know they have Najee but I cant shake it. His number should be like 45.

GMG Reply

Of course the Steelers don’t let their players chose their number. That’s why Pickens wore 14 lol


I’m a second son!
When your big brother is great!
It makes you reach but it’s a comfort their as well.
Conner will be great!
When it’s in you!
It’s in you! 🙏🏾

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