Sounds of the Game: Week 14 vs Seattle Seahawks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Julian Miramontes

Been waiting for this video

Lexington Leffall

Let’s take a dub in Dallas 💙💛

    Martez Govan


    God Garou

    We are going to destroy the Cowboys! No doubt about it! 🤘🏻🐏🔥

    Martez Govan

    @God Garou i hope so they Defense been bad and our OF been heating up ….we need a Vikings L to 💯

    LaRamsLunatic !!!!



    Lexington Leffall with what spoon?


Mobbb‼️ lets go


    G P glory

Wildman Samurai


Martez Govan

Todd always rapping before he comes out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂SMH they escaped last time let’s go out and dominate them and they did just that 💯💯 wow

    Slippah Rippah

    Martez Govan – it’ was Michael Brockers

    Martez Govan

    @Slippah Rippah I know bruh 😂💯

    Lexington Leffall

    We really should’ve beet them back in week 5 but you know the Seahawks and the luck the get every game 😒

    Martez Govan

    @Lexington Leffall didn’t we miss a field goal and last I can’t remember lol

    LaRamsLunatic !!!!

    Martez Govan yes we did miss a field goal for the win smh


Let’s go Ramily


Just keep winning Ramy’s

Make The Lakers Great Again

Let’s beat them Cowgirls!

Chris Hernandez

Best feeling love watching this video & watching us dominate let’s keep this up 💯

Eric Underwood

You said it right Coach!

Slippah Rippah

The dislikes must be Seahawks fans 😆

    Chris Nguyen

    LOL so true!


ESPY right here!!

Jose Lopez

If we make the playoffs we’re gonna make a deep run in the playoffs


This win got me thinking back to how we played last season man, feels good again

LaRamsLunatic !!!!

Yesssssir we about to be a dangerous team down the stretch


Am I the only one that thought that second pick was a perfect arm punt? lmao we couldn’t have had a better punt if that pass was incomplete

    Shane Hackett

    Pick six was on woods, too. Seachickens were in man coverage, and he broke in and sat because he misread the coverage as zone instead of breaking outside and continuing his route. Mistakes happen. Its how you respond.


8:38 remix in the works for madden

Mobsquad anthem


Protect Robert Woods!


😂😂😂😂😂😂…..I LOVE HOW….GURLEY…PLANTED FLOWERS!!!!!!!….LOL…😂😂😂😂😂😂

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