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‘Something Crazy’ Playoff Hype | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks head to Green Bay to take on the Packers for the Divisional Round of the playoffs. When something crazy happens, we always ask, "Where were you?"

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Monitors of Decorum & Decency

From the womb, to the tomb… GO ‘HAWKS! (12th man since 10/1981)

Marc Amico

Lofa Tatupu was solid with the Seahawks!!!

    Jensen Anderson

    Marc Amico gonna be a real fan?

    Dewayne Squally

    One of my fav Seahawks

    iSLaND CHiEF

    He was my fave….shout out to da big FIVE1

    Ty Moss

    i still wear his away jersey for every road game! been lucky this season. there 1 loss i had a hoody over it lol

Preston Johnson

Let’s go Tatupu..Go Hawks!!

Raam Naveen

Why not us

Cristian Pena

As the days get closer to the game I’m getting a little more nervous knowing that the season could end here and that it also can’t . Hopefully we get the job done 🤞 🙏 I believe in this team . Why not us .


    All the magic in Seattle is being transferred to Green Bay right now. Can you feel it. Go Hawks!!.


We were in section 317 for the SF and Packers NFC Championship games

Anthony Togafau

Go Hawks, never down

Sahas Manchireddy

Let’s go upset Green Bay and go to Super Bowl We dem’ boyz

    Football God

    Sahas Manchireddy your a funny guy go pack go 💛💚 don’t freeze there lmfao


    @Football God Green Bay fans may be used to the cold, but Packers players are barely more acclimatized than Seahawks. See you on Sunday…


    Football God …..We Road Warriors…….ain’t nobody over here scared of the cold ……We ain’t no sunny LA team.

Kyler Preston

Let’s go be dangeruss 12s! Like he says, “It’s 0-0”.


We all we got we all we need
#Hawksforlife #resilience#nosurrender

Young Vanilla

Lofa 😭❤️

Enagy Atesik

Where were you , Seahawks fans?.. where???👅💪fug you all.. ..let’s go Seahawk..👈🤙

Paul Harvey

One game at a time, one WIN at a time “we have unfinished business” GO SEAHAWKS

The Pickle zone

Go hawks!! Let’s win the division and dominate the packers!!

Rowan Hicks

I will be at home lmao

Sound Innovations design & production

WHOOO LETS GO LOFA! Man i remember those days lets go great hype bringin him!


213 like




I was at home because I can’t afford going to a Seahawks game and I never went to one


In Dallas wearing my colors strong… 💙💚

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