SkoLOL: Superfan Swardson | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

SkoLOL: Superfan Swardson | Minnesota Vikings

Comedian and huge Minnesota Vikings fan, Nick Swardson, recently sat down with KFAN's Mark Rosen to talk about his fandom.

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This is priceless, thank you Nick

ryan damon


Jason Novotne

Skol to the Bowl


Swardson morsom fyr. Faen de gronn bukt fudge packers.

Carter117 Gaming

I just got a Lambeau Field ad on this video

Jesse Storck

I’m from outside of Minnesota, too, but I LOVE THE VIKINGS ANYWAYS, AND I LIVE HERE NOW! SKOL!


Good times guys, good times.

Riley Juelich

Anyone else seeing him tonight or tomorrow at treasure island?


Lifelong fan from Pennsylvania here!

Joseph Morin

Im still sad from last monday

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