Sights & Sounds from Week 14 | Chiefs vs. Patriots – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kelly O'Keefe



Fuq the Patriots

Kylo R3n


jose velazco


David D

Did we get any footage of the patriots sideline though?

Huaj Thaib Liab



if our defense keeps improving every week like they have been we will make it all the way this year is our year i can feel it


Light a fire under these guys Reid.


The 2 dislikes are Brady and Belicheck

Chiefs Fan Chris in Oregon

When they make the adjustments they need on the O line and PM protection….and they will….Offense will be ready for playoff run. No one really wants to face this team with the D starting to gel and O that is always dangerous even when it’s not clicking. The fear is setting in…..

    Young Kills

    Chiefs Fan Chris in Oregon yeah bro the fear is starting to settle just wait until we beat them in th playoffs

Erik Kirk

Great video! This team is special. So many great players and personalities. You can see them coming together as a whole team, offense and defense together, making big plays on both sides of the ball. AFC is on notice, playoffs are coming and the Chiefs are ready.


My new wallpaper is now a picture of Brady squaring up to ma boy Chris Jone with the score edited in at the bottom lololol 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Brady Hudgins

Chiefs Kingdom is blessed to have Tyrann Matthieu in the backfield. Mahomes level leadership, as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife, and healthy! “Championship Swagger!”

William Simpson

This video gets the blood flowing! Let’s gooooo!


What an incredibly talented team. If they can continue to improve there isn’t an equal in the AFC.


Taylor Christoffersen

Got that championship swagger!

Taylor Christoffersen

As exciting as our offense is man oh man am I pumped up for this defense let’s go number 55!

codename kid next door

Simply put. Let’s go get it KC time for talking is over SUPERBOWL BABY!!!!

Phil Peterson

“We need championship swagger!” ~ Tyrann Mathieu
“Dial me up!” Travis Kelse
How ’bout those CHIEFS!” ~ Andy Reid
“Let’s go!” ~ Travis Kelse

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