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Sights & Sounds from the Chiefs 2019 Season

Relive the 2019 NFL season that had the Chiefs finish at 12-4 with a 2-seed in the playoffs and a home divisional game at Arrowhead in front of Chiefs Kingdom.

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Super Crazy kid

we gonna get this trophy

Rejean Flags

Let’s go get this trophy

noah soto

First again love thg he chiefs


Damn, Chills bro, chills

    Dale Winston

    What do you think so far


    bro, no way, bro

samson gersing

CHIEFS Kingdom–>baby, love this team CHIEFS defense is Python, & legion of Zoom

Sean S.

We ain’t losin’ this time to the Texans. We have all our main guys this time. Thornhill being out is a blower, but losing him isn’t nearly enough for us to lose any of these upcoming games.

    Imthegoat Vids

    King Howard believe bro we got this

    Sean S.

    King Howard I don’t think you know how to read, cuz I said nothing of the sort, smh


    I can only hope you are right..


    enough said man

    Phuck Yu

    God bless kansas city, its people and most importantly this team

DrMario Pepper

Go Chiefs!!!

Sean Sewell

Not gonna lie I got goosebumps watching this! CHIEFS Super Bowl CHAMPS 2020

Cool TA

Honey Badger Don’t Care 😼

    Jackson shelby

    Cool TA 🍯 🦡

Crimson Dawn

What makes me glad of being a 20+ year chiefs fan is how every year they get better, as a family. I too feel part of that family, though the good and bad times but non the less…a chief fan.

    Paul Love

    YOU and all of the rest of us #CHIEFSKINGDOM FAITHFUL

    Crimson Dawn

    @Paul Love Amen

    Chiefs Kingdom

    Havent missed a game since 1987. CHIEFS KINGDOM !!! SB 54 CHAMPS


Chiefs Kingdom Baby
This year the trophy is ours
Never Seen My Team Go To The Super Bowl Lets Change That!

Roman Kim

I feel like I’m watching the previews for the upcoming Time Life Super Bowl documentary of the 2019 Chiefs 🤘

Marcus Watson

I’ve got a good feeling about these boys


Did anyone else get goosebumps watching this …… God I love the Chiefs!!!



Khamde Pak

Like for Chiefs Kingdom!!

Jeff Whitaker

Chills……get it this year!! Go Chief’s 🔥💥

Sammy Licata

2:20 ” Go win the game” spoken by a true leader.


no lie I just started tearing up

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