Shaq Barrett Reflects on 2019 Season: ‘It’s Been a Whirlwind’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

First! Go Bucs! Shaq Attack Baby!


Hope he stays in Tampa

    Dangit don

    Amen. He’s a beast.

    T.J Tran

    Shaq want stay in Tampa for long time and Bruce Arians was confirmed he ain’t going anywhere

    Dangit don

    @T.J Tran Bruce did say, “we gotta keep the D together.” Let’s hope he does.

    Also, Suh..I can’t believe I’m saying this… impressed me.

    Perk_ Clover

    He will heard bucs trying to work a big deal but definitely need him back 😈


    He will. It’s garanteed. It’s quite mutual


Give my mans a captain patch next year


    JPP is the Captain

    Tony G

    Jonnyhan no he’s not. Lavonte David and Carl Nassib are the captainS.

Humble Servant

Von and DeMarcus taught him well and he applied himself and put in the work. Dude is von 2.0 hopefully we keep jpp that will even things out allowing shaq to get the one on ones

    Dangit don

    Agreed. They HAVE to keep that defense together no matter what. It still can get better even…

    B Loggins

    we have the cap space but a key is also retaining JPP when he returned shaq went ballistic and the defense as a whole skyrocketed JPP is a vocal leader and menacing presence god i hope we keep this duo we will be fierce next season!


    Jpp got a few 3 sack games

    B Loggins

    @Cx im glad hes a buc should have been drafted as a buc hes USF product


    @B Loggins Agreed. JPP IS THE HEART OF OUR DEFENSE! Shaq and JPP are priority#1 and 1a. I like Winston, but he only comes after them.

The Bay Report !

The Shaq Attack Baby !!

Rhuel Smith


Chulo W

How is he not a X-factor on Madden 20


    Chulo W Fr

    Shawn Ortiz

    It’s MADDEN😏

    The Red Pearl

    Popularity contest. How is levonte David not? They made rookie d white a superstar in his own right. But not david who’s been the best outside backer at his position. Crime

Brandon Williams

Man hurry up and sign this guy Bucs game changer DEF gone be sick 2020


I like how he said we slowed down Derrick Henry that’s just a sign of things to come. Playoffs!!!!


All that and he did not make it to the all pro honors

    Humble Servant

    NFL media is biased plus we have small market they give no fluffs about us lol

Ric H

Shaq had more Sacks and Tackles for Loss than Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack Combined. We definitely need to pay this Young Man.

Stokeley Hauf

Man we get rid of jameis we might be a playoff team

    Ben Davis

    He’s not the problem


    @Ben Davis him and our kicker are the problem. 5000 yards and 30 tds are amazing but if you have 30 pics in a season you wont have a winning season. So he needs to go. We just need a qb who can accurately pass, and a kicker who can make FG’s consistantly. We have plenty of weapons.


So glad he’s been successful! Keep this up G


Do NOT let this man leave!

Jim vigil

He looks smoked af. Open your eyes bro !




Theres a new Shaq in Florida

Dominic Omegon

Pay this man!!

D Monique

He talk like bruh man off of Martin no bs

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