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The time is quality

Muz Kamal26

Let’s go gmen




Giants will be the next 49ers next year

    Cole Hewitt

    EZNoname I pray so

    Amazing Guy

    My words

Jeffrey Abbey

Build that defense Giants!

Defense! defense!! defense!

Cowboys have had a top notch OL and havent done nothing due to their lack of defense. Especially in the secondary. Giants are above them already imo on that front

Keep getting stronger defensively and the QB and O line will fall into place in due time

    brother xela

    Most definitely! We absolutely need to address the oline though and not count on it to get better with the guys we have… we need a rookie ox that can stay for 10 years and be an anchor to a great oline


    their secondary is way better than ours they got lockdown byron jones and ide take the cowboys record any year haha

    Andy Volmar



Simmons, Okudah, Epenesa, Delpit. Don’t matter which one, the Giants need to take one cause they need help everywhere on defense.


    Delpit is nowhere close for a 4th pick, later first round pick sure.

hello 1

1st round and late round online, every other round LBs and DBs




1. Resign Markus Golden
2. Sign Yannick Ngakue or Byron Jones or Jack Conklin
3. Sign someone(coach or player) who can develop/teach young DBs since we have a lot of young talent there
4. Trade back in the draft to the 6th overall pick and a 2nd round pick
5. Draft Isaiah Simmons or Jeffrey Okudah or Chase Young(if there but most likely not)
6. Be great

    scott minick

    Well said. I’ll be happy if they resign Markus Golden and have the money for Jack Conklin.

    Ams _16_02

    If we were to trade back we would get more than just a 2nd

Alexander Carrillo

Resign Golden, pick up Ngakoue, get simmons, a press corner, tackle, and a center in the draft

    Ams _16_02

    Alexander Carrillo Sounds good to me

Garett Gagan

Bleed blue forever baby!


I’m in the minority here but I want Lamb or Jeudy at #4, get Jones some elite options then get OL in the second and a center third round, Shepard is major injury prone, Engram can’t stay healthy either and Tate is old and not meant for the future.
Use FA for the defense, like Schobert, Littleton and Ngakoue.

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