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Season Review: Special Teams

Tori Petry, Tim Twentyman and Mike O'Hara look back at the Lions' 2019 season on special teams.

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Kyle Cree

There was a lot more special than team this season


I just want to say something to the Lions players: Every year a new season starts the Lions sell out games in the first 2-3 games at home. The fans are there to support even through the difficult economic times Detroit has been facing, but the players fail to deliver something for the city to smile or be excited about. This has gone on for too long and as a fan I think it’s very disrespectful to see players make hundreds of thousands or even millions and not improve in anything year after year. BLAME THE COACHES. BLAME THE GM. BLAME EVERYONE IN THE ORGANIZATION IF YOU WANT! At the end of the day you should look at yourselves in the mirror and focus, but really focus, who’s really to blame. Every time YOU point the finger at someone THREE fingers point back at YOU!! GOD BLESS and have a safe season off. 😞

Billy's Big Top

My Lions – may they always win – but win or lose My Lions!! 🙂

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