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Season Review: Offense

Tori Petry, Tim Twentyman and Mike O'Hara look back at the Lions' 2019 season on offense.

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Kyle Warrior



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1 quarter: great
2 quarter : great
3 quarter :great
4 quarter: bad or was that the defense or both

Matt Campau

Quick summary: the Season sucked.


One of the reasons why I wanted Matt Patricia to keep his job is because he recognized the change that needed to be made with the offense the last offseason after Jim Bob Cooter’s trash offense took the field the past few seasons before. Darrell Bevell came in here and did a terrific job this is the best I’ve seen this offense since 2013. Darrell Bevell did so well I heard he was rumored to be in the running for the Carolina HC job but I believe he will end up staying here. To get that much production out of two backups and the most productive running game since 2013 speaks volumes. Now Matt Patricia needs to do the same for the defense and get a really good defensive coordinator in here and we’ll have a huge turn around season.

T Brackett

People, the lions were below 500 with Mathew! Remember these guys work for the Fords. They will not criticize the head coach or gm because they all work for the same company. The Fords are slum lords. 60 years and nothing to show for it. They want to remain competitive, not win. So close is good enough for Quinn’s buddy, not Caldwell. If there’s no back up qb, we blame the gm. He’s been there for four years. It’s the personnel or scheme. Save your money and get Sunday ticket. The Fords just want profit and hopefully they will sell if they are not making that extra money from concessions. Oh, and if they’re the owners after another failed season, they will hire another inexperienced gm and head coach because they will have to spend money and do a little more than go to the games on Sunday and a cameo at camp.

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