Sean Payton Recaps Day 1 of 2021 NFL Draft | Saints Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sean Payton Recaps Day 1 of 2021 NFL Draft | Saints Draft

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton recaps day 1 at the 2021 NFL Draft after the Saints draft Payton Turner, defensive end from Houston in the 1st Round.
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Eric Marr2020

When we need a LB and CB and JOK is still available we get an edge rusher. I’m done saints always miss first round

    PJ Clemons

    If JOK is so good why wasn’t He drafted yet. Smdh

    illmatic 826


    Eric Marr2020

    @PJ Clemons I’m not saying he’s a bad pick but he was not what we needed in a first round pick. We need DB and LB help with Kwon an Anzalone gone and Marshon in legal trouble and Jenkins gone

    PJ Clemons

    @Eric Marr2020 So you’re saying if we didn’t draft a CB or LB in round 1 we’re screwed so forget about the 3 picks we have today we needed a CB or LB yesterday even if we had to reach for 1? Even if we get Cox from LSU today we should’ve taken him yesterday

jonathan meyer

Ridiculous. Last year we move up to get a center. And this year we reach on a guy who would’ve been there in the second


    You dont know that

    Jared Lauro

    Definitely wouldn’t be there

    Roland Payton

    You’re right man

    Charles Winston

    I was hoping we picked a CB in tha first

    Keynan Varnado

    They traded up for Ruiz? News to me.

Anthony Reisch

Look… it’s like this….. prospect, blah blah…. look, damage control… trust the Payton

Eric Smith

Man peeps need to chill……I wasn’t impressed with cam jordans tape when we drafted him and yet he turned out to be pretty damn good…..all the corners worthy of that pick were gone. While I’m sure some would have been happy with a corner or a linebacker I’m pretty sure the guys you could name that you would have rather them drafted will still be there in the second or even third. I can see them making a day two move for paulson adebo but they will have to jump dallas to do it. Be patient

    Isaac Galacgac

    @Marc Hebert don’t matter still a stupid draft pick after said and done. We pick up a young KC DE. Pick up davenport 5th year option and draft a 2nd- 3rd rounder in the 1st. Don’t @me

    Marc Hebert

    @Isaac Galacgac In your opinion. Dont @me

    PJ Clemons

    @Isaac Galacgac If JOK was all that why didn’t He get picked yet? Smdh

    Kolby Navarre

    Mannn im not tryna hear that bro we do this every year we waste first round picks on injury prone lineman, we are tired of this LB and CB are two key holes to file and instead of that they take a 3rd rounder. THE BEST LB IN THE DRAFT WAS ON THE BOARD. When u draft #28 you take the best player available!!!!!! We dont feel they did that

Andre Duke

Sean doesn’t even look happy with the pick🤔


Patrick robinson going to hold it down

    Debo The God


    swaga 504

    @Debo The God 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Da'da Saints #1

Anything on defense helps us I love the pick plus in my opinion you never have enough pass rusher are CB’s

    Da'da Saints #1

    @Brody Dawson How you say it’s a bad pick and he never played for Sean yet?? Can you see into the future!?!? if not that’s not a fact you speaking.! Just your sensitive emotions

    Thomas Thompson

    @Da’da Saints #1 I’m no GM so yeah he could be the next Cam Jordan…and Ruiz could be the next Jahri…………………

    Da'da Saints #1

    @Thomas Thompson Right we won more games last few years than any NFL team and we picking at #28 and some are still crying 😭 We could be like Jacksonville every year picking high still sucking..!

    Roland Payton

    I’m sorry brother but he wasn’t even the best player at his position. There were better players on the board and need players the pick was very very questionable.

    Da'da Saints #1

    @Roland Payton That may be true on someone else board…Payton, said in so many words he focuses on there board not other scouts outside his organization board.

4Q2 smith

Will you move him to linebacker?

    Thomas Thompson

    or CB??? hahaha 🙁


    @Thomas Thompson name a 1st round CB thats available at pick 28th?

Debo The God

It’s a passing game n we don’t have any corners…… and we are super thin at linebacker all we have is Davis Alex and Alexander are gone…..

Landon Van Steen

Need to move up for Asante Samuel jr this round and JOK

Demetrio Buckner

This felt like a panic pick. He could have been a 2nd rounder. We about to get toasted at cornerback with Atl getting Pitts and Tampa resigning all 3 wrs. I hope they have a good plan 😭

    Demetrio Buckner

    @PJ Clemons hell no! I’m a realist and have watched our secondary be historically bad and not wanting to see that again. Do we really want pj or prob to matchup against Julio, Evans, Ridley, or Godwin? We have to secure a legitimate #2 corner. That’s more of a need then a DE. NFC South has the best wr duos in the league even Anderson/Moore legit

    Yeet Boi

    Bruh you absolutely right

    PJ Clemons

    @Demetrio Buckner Well if you would’ve done a little homework like i did you would’ve found out that if the Saints didn’t draft him at pick 28 the Bucs was all on Him at Pick 32. So all that 2nd round stuff your talking is false.


    HOW DO YOU KNOW? how do you know100 percent sure he was going to be there at pick 60?

    Demetrio Buckner

    @DaPinkBublé we currently have 8 DE on the roster now and 4 corners. It’s that obvious

Terry Lewis

I’ve literally watched this silliness for 30 years and it continues. How can you rush the Qb without any Db help

    Marc Hebert

    @SossaGold Did u read the comments on JOK being a tweener and Rouseea being overrated and Moore being 5’9—all were ranked high and teams ahead of Saints passed on them as well..

    illmatic 826

    You guys do realize it’s more picks left right?? And the Saints always find gold after the first round, just trust the process


    @Marc Hebert okay what about stokes? Also not all of them were ranked high, stop making excuses for a bad pick lmfao you’re in denial

    Marc Hebert

    @SossaGold umm ok–if u say so–didnt know u were in the War Room bro

    Chad Pru

    @Marc Hebert lol so true, we had that for way to long. A great pass rush can make average seconday players all stars

Derrick Holmes

Asante Was still available I thought they were going to pick him up. Disappointing in my opinion. The edge rusher has talent but we need a CB

    Thomas Thompson

    jok was there, Moore was there…???

    Carlo Possanza

    Asante isn’t as good as you think. I rather trade up in the second round and get JOK or stay put at 60 and draft Molden. He reminds me Jaire Alexander

Mike Larry

Relax theirs still good corners left like tyson campbell ,kelvin Joseph Asante Samuel Jr.

    Charles-Olivier Mordret

    They are going to be picked before us

    Jermaine Scoby

    @Charles-Olivier Mordret They not gonna be there when we pick

    Mario Lozano

    They aint gonna be there fam unless we trading up hopefully

John Henry

This was an intriguing pick. He could work out as an AllPro.
BumPhillips used to talk about drafting talented BIG guys first, then get the small, skill guys (except George Rogers) later.

    David B

    Do the opposite of whatever Bum Phillips says to do

Everson Harrison

Relax people we are the draft champions… We needed to replace T. Hendrickson who we also drafted. David Onyemata guys please let’s go we know what we’re doing…

    Yeah Buddy

    Draft Champs of 2017, living off one draft, get this guy who’s a 2-3 rounder backup who’s injury prone, nice 👍🏼


    @Yeah Buddy Tell me, HOW DO YOU KNOW? how do you know he was going to be there at pick 60? i need to know how do you know?

    Yeah Buddy

    @DaPinkBublé simple draft projections, unless you have idiots drafting and giving up 2 1st rounds picks for busts like Davenport, but be happy they only spent only 1 1st round pick on this future injury prone bust….maybe you can learn drafting sometime and not begging for my knowledge genius, now go out there be someone son

Cibon The Saint

Aaron Rodgers!




    I hope we go after him. That’d be so cool.

Derick Lewis

I honestly just think this first round just didnt go the way payton was expecting it to tbh.

Lowkey 315



Houston, TX





6′ 5″

270 lbs


10 1/4″


Chad Pru

we can still get a great corner, but there not many guys like payton turner. His size speed and wing span are all very rare. If he played on Alabama he would have went top 15.

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