Sean Payton Postgame Reactions After Week 15 win vs Colts | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sean Payton Postgame Reactions After Week 15 win vs Colts | New Orleans Saints Football

Recap for the New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts Week 15 game on the Saints Postgame Show. Get postgame interviews from Saints Head Coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees, as well as highlights from the game, postgame news, stats, and analysis.

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Congrats Brees

J Her

Goat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Job well done Drew!!!!!

Eduardo Santillan

“… Obvius pass interference call that was brought back…” well said Coach!

    Cole Wollerman



2019 and y’all still dont have microphones for the media πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

Michelle Ezeugo

Well done New Orleans

luke wilson

coach of the year


For Xmas can we all chip in & buy the media room some microphones so WE can hear the questions??? Please Santa!

Scott Stlaey

Dez time to? He deserves a shot right?


Awesome 😎 job!! Geaux Saints!! 🏈

Keith Gardner

Should’ve been a 31 point game as opposed to 27… but the refs out here playin

Sandra Gayle

Go Saints and much love to our second QB Teddy Bridgewater. Because if it was not for you winning 5G’s in a roll we would not be where we are right now. You stepped up to the plate when we really needed you to. So I love you Teddy and I hope you will be our QB after the hall of famer is not here. Thank you Teddy for helping us get to this point. You deserve a lot of respect from this team the coaches and the fans.


    5 games.

    Sandra Gayle

    Don’t matter he still got us there.


    @Sandra Gayle Then let’s just say it’s ten games. TB won us ten games. Or how about twenty? That sounds better. It’s twenty. We are currently 26-3 this season.

    Sandra Gayle

    @JBryan314 I guess that Dallas Cowboys fan was right! You people really do hate that Bridgewater is that good. One can clearly see where Brees stand when it comes to the Bridge! Well that’s your problem. All my saints Jerseys from not on will all have Teddy Bridgewater and Marques Colston only.

    Sandra Gayle

    @JBryan314 jealous over the bridge. Bahaha!

Lashunda Caramel



He looked so happy in the thumbnail lol.


“Obvious pass interference call…”

Yeah, he’s being facetious. It was ticky tack BS that the ref wanted to take away that TD in hopes he wouldn’t throw another, and then the record could be broken on the road away from the fans. Jackass refs.

    Alex Johnston

    I think they didn’t want him breaking the record before halftime, because with how the Saints were blowing out the Colts, no one would have tuned in for the second half.

    Duane Miles

    One of best coaches in NFL Today in tha super bowl era & one my favorite

Blankman J5

He feel like talking after this game

Bill Bright

We need more pass interceptions for pick sixes baby!

Linemen tip that ball, linebacker grab it, rumble to pay dirt.

More sack back action as well,, get up in their grills and get the three and out.

Collapse the pocket and swing tackling hand down on ball. Be ready to fall on fumble.


Wow imagine if him and drew cheated like bill and Tom…the saints would have way more rings


Okay how much I gotta donate to get microphones for these people

    Matthew Vides

    Every week for multiple years. I stopped trying to listen to questions a long time ago.

Jeff T

The “obvious” pass interference call. Gotta love Sean!

Robert Epps


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