Sean McVay’s Post-Game Press Conference vs. Cowboys: “We are going to compete” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Bearded soul78

Tackling def was a problem.. if we bring dak down early we swing the energy


    Soo many plays that went for 5 or 6 that should’ve been losses.


This offense (esp. Goff) is Jekyll and Hyde, game to game and series to series. Goff had decent (not great) protection today, so he can’t totally use that as an excuse for such poor play. Ram O-line has been terrible against a good run defense all season, total collapse today. It didn’t help that the Rams ran into a well rested, motivated buzz-saw today.

Mike Miller

Next week is too late. That was an embarrassment. Stays motivated have to start by getting motivated Gurley didn’t have his head in the game and horrible tackling


It’s over

steven morgan


    Semaj Pruitt

    @sogdo you’re right. The Cowboys do not match up well against those teams I mentioned. Btw I don’t like the cowboys at all. They’re a “sometiming” team.


    @Semaj Pruitt I have to agree with that tbh. I’m not the type that’s nasty towards other teams except for the Saints (for personal reasons not stupid reasons), but I have to agree with u on that lol

    Semaj Pruitt

    @sogdo the rams were just not ready to play this season. I understand that McVay came in hot. But it happens to the best. I love em tho


    @Semaj Pruitt Oya definitely, never gonna stop rooting for my Los Angeles Rams. We’re gonna improve big-time, McVay is a great coach and we’ll be way better next year, we’ll have more fire 🔥🔥🔥


    @Semaj Pruitt cowboys beat eagles. Then rest against redskins be fresh for who ever they face.
    Won’t be as easy as you think


THAT’S RIGHT…..YOU GOT BEAT IN ALL PHASES OF YOUR GAME!!!!! Again Out Coached…..blah blah blah

Sojo R

The ram’s defense has been *gentrified* to its’ detriment 😖.

robert vargas

Tired of all the excuses!
Team has “No Heart”.
Tired of getting out coached.
We got out coached by the Cowboys? WTF
Dont even want to hear what Goff says again ” We got to get better”.


    What were you saying last Sunday?

    Arty Munoz

    LordByron123 what was he saying? I wanna know!

    Tomas Ruiz

    Yeah what did he say ?!

Bryan Tung

Try throwing more to Kupp.

Shane RM

O line reverted to disaster mode. No run blocking or pass protection. Hard to get Gurley involved when you can create any running space. This team is in trouble. They need an O line renewal. Monumental task. Goff can complete passes when he has very open receivers and a lot of time. Under pressure he’s a sub par QB.

Donald Langford

I think you’re to soft coach not negative just soft toughness needs to be in training

Antonio Romero

How can Rams let the Cowboys score 44 points on you guys?? Really? That’s already 3 teams that have scored 40+ plus points on the Rams defense this season! That would be Ravens, Buccaneers and now the Cowboys.. pathethic and embarrassing at the same time


    Don’t…please don’t…it hurts my feelings…I’m crying now 😥


This season was a roller coaster ride with an emotional girlfriend struggling with her identity…and it’s not over

Yumi Tokushige

What was wrong? I can’t really feel like watching highlights now. 💩💩💩

bp4hunnid 1

Well it’s pretty much over but if we win next week and Vikings lose to the packers and the bears the next weak and we win to the cardinals we get in the post season but i just hope we can get better

John Tatum

Coach McVay was very honest after getting dominated by the Boyz…hope they make the playoffs.


“We got to focus on next week” well the season is over mcvay


And another loss next week out of playoffs now. Wade 3-4 defense sucks if the next defender next to you is 5 yds away how can you stop anybody from running. Nobody could tackle, Goff could not hit a truck to start and somebody please tell Gurley to stay after practice catching balls because he drops the ball at the most critical time over and over again. Until you find good OL so you can run on anybody we’ll be listening to sad post game conferences.

Ian Martinez

It feels like every loss, the issues are the same…
1.) I absolutely hate the play-calling of Sean Mcvay this season when we get behind early.
It’s literally the same 6 plays and the same 6 Routes over and over…
2.) AGAIN there was no variation in our Formations on offense the entire day. It’s the same “11Personnel” (3 Wide Receivers) all the time!
Against the Cardinals and Seattle we used a ton of different Formations! Variations of the I-Formation and Double Tight-End sets.
3.) I like Brandon Cooks, but it seems paying him the big contract forces us to use 11 Personnel WAY TOO MUCH. We are a more complete team using multiple formations. Having Woods, Kupp, & Cooks all on the field 99% of the time holds us back.
4.) There was also no creativity in the Passing Game or Run Game. It’s either a Deep Crossing Route, Deep In, Quick Out, Deep Curl, or Hitch. IT’S SO PREDICTABLE…
And where were all the exotic run plays we’ve been seeing the last 2 Weeks??? WR Speed Sweeps, Power Sweeps, Power Traps etc.
5.) There’s absolutely nothing complicated or innovative about this Offense once we get behind early, and Teams with competent D-Coordinators have absolutely figured out how to handle us.

David Textle

Thank you for the season rams !!! Screw the fake bandwagon fans that can’t stick when times are rough! What ? We only gonna be happy when they win and not respect them when they lose ? GO TO THE PATRIOTS FLR THAT BS

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