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Sean McDermott | “Our Focus is on the Playoffs”

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott met with the media following the regular-season finale at New Era Field. Topics included: Keeping players healthy entering the postseason, playing multiple second-string players against the Jets, and facing Houston in the playoffs.

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Kimberly Granger

Love this team! Love coach! Go Bills!

Cody Phinney

Now, after this game, hopefully all them Matt Barkley homers, will STOP CALLING for Barkley over Allen! Allen will be a STAR! Just give him some time. A QB typically doesn’t come into their own until 4th or 5th season! This season! Josh had 3,100+ yards 29/8 (Total Tds/Int) them are GREAT numbers! He’s had 2 interceptions in last 10 games now! Like, idk what more you guys want?


    Derrick Robinson yes, that’s probably what he wants. Totally reasonable for one of the most raw first round QBs coming out the draft this entire decade 😂

    Derrick Robinson

    @DrunkNugget i expect he also want him to read the other team defence like Peyton Manning too


    who TF was asking for Barkley over Allen?

    christopher sharr

    They’re the same ones that wanted tah-rod back then said peterpicker was a better qb than JA. They’ll never be satisfied. I think Allen has taken a major step forward from the start of the season to now. Now if we can get them to stop calling dive plays to Gore every play after getting a lead it would be great. Go Bills!

    Derrick Robinson

    @gottabump plenty of ppl especially after seeing Barkley in preseason but have to know when Barkley played it was easy with nerf balls the reg season are real bullets when teams are coming at u

David Gorsky

championship caliber. lets go.


So excited for a Playoff game!!! Let’s Go Buffalo!!!!

L.J. Wolf


Jacob Marino

We should draft or trade for a bigger wide reciever about the size of Josh and then we should draft some guys for the backups (especially a new QB that can get to be a weapon if Josh gets injured) and a better offensive end for backup.

    Moo Films

    Tee Higgins

TKBuffalo Gaming



    Score more then 17 dam points ya mean, would luv 24

Elliot Eisler

We should be able to take it toHouston!


    Not if we cant score more then 17 dam points

    Mobile Bills

    @gottabump much easier defense we are going up against.

    dean bradbury

    JJ watt is back


    @dean bradbury He mite be back & so what if he is.. Wont be much of a Factor

Elliot Eisler

One thing about this team is that we win the games that we were supposed to. We should def win this game vs the Texans. And mark my words pats are out first round or they lose to our BILLS!!!

    Mobile Bills

    If we win and pats win we would play Baltimore

    James Dye

    I hope we get the opportunity to play them a third time!!!! We should have won the two against them in the regular season. Bills are definitely an upcoming threat and they are gonna prove it now!!!!! LETS GO BUFFALO


Start duke Williams along side of John brown n cole Beasley. We need his size. And the boy can run as well.


Best place to be going foward: UNDERDOGS!

matthew moore

Hope Levi Wallace, Taron Johnson, Ty Nsechki, and Cody Ford are ok. Injuries of course killed us before the playoffs.
Lets go!!


    matthew moore Taron and Cody good to go

matthew moore

Activate Tj Yeldon for the playoffs pleeeeeaaaaasese Sean!!!!

Ryan Bedford

And then afterwards let’s hope you focus on finding a real OC. Or if the offense is inept because of you then hopefully you grow some balls in the off season.

Cosmic Jerry

🤠 Lets Go Bills 🏈

B Jones

Bills all the way to the superbowl

Marcelo Fojo

Sean McDermott we need to prepare for this game like very much we needd a better Defenses and better blocking and sack and cut the quareback move we need to players better and runners and also be very athletic shape and be faster taken rival away and make first down and thouch down as well let vo BILLS MAKE HAPPEND ❤💙❤💙❤🏈

GM 360

Ok Coach, can we finally let the dog off the leash..DUUUUUUUKE!!!

Random Studios

Duke Williams proved his worth as a starter today with 108 receiving yds


Am I the only one who thinks it’s idiotic for the NFL to start the playoffs on Saturday, which basically makes it a short week for the teams?

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