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Sean McDermott | “Our Eyes Are Set On The Future”

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott addressed the media before practice. Topics included: the strength of the Steelers defense, what makes Tremaine Edmunds (and his NFL-playing brothers) so successful, McDermott's history with Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin, and Quarterback Josh Allen's ability to bounce back after a loss.

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Adam Benz

Y’all eyes should be set on present and the future. 😒


Why is everything the future??? Guys are 9-4 play for the now!!!!!!

    Craig McCann

    I Billsleave, , Said by Adam, present as well.
    Confidence now, dynasty of the future….


    You literally read the title and decided to comment.


    Because the Bills cannot protect their house – 3 losses at home against talented teams 2 in their conference. They are missing a couple pieces on offense.

    Craig McCann

    @wyomingtrout Fans hope, fans support, fans wish for the best, fans will stick by their team for better or for worse.
    the Bills win the super bowl this year.
    If not it will soon come….
    A new AFC dynasty.
    Wait and see.
    Go Bills…..


    @Craig McCann After being a Bills fan since 1965 I have learned to hope for the best but plan for the worse with the Bills. The Steelers lead the league in sacks and will bring the pressure. The Bills proved last week that they do not have the talent to beat tight coverage against the blitz. They will need a defensive touchdown to win.

Herd Man

As exciting as this team team is to watch, this offseason we’ll have 80 million in cap space. So we can really fill the holes this team has and be super dangerous next year

    An Humble Messenger of the Law of One

    _I like how you think you’re part of the team. _*_”We can really fill the holes in our team with that 80 million dollars”_*_ lol_

    Luke Main

    @An Humble Messenger of the Law of One We are. How do you think they get paid?

    David Newberry

    @An Humble Messenger of the Law of One STFU

    matthew moore

    @An Humble Messenger of the Law of One fans literally are part of an organization, without fans no organization exists and no NFL exists. Crawl back into your hole you rat.

    Z D

    @An Humble Messenger of the Law of One fans are the sole reason there is an NFL. Fans are part of the team

Rick Beam

They give the reporters mic 🎤? Nice finally.


The offense was unprepared Allen at times was confused, looked scared, receivers did not create separation, looked slow I don’t feel good about Sunday v Steelers

    Luke Main

    Allen has never had 2 bonehead performances in a row. They’ll win.

    Karo French

    Steelers barely beat Arizona.Bills will win.

    david b

    Unfortunately I don’t feel good about this one either, but will see, Pittsburgh is a dangerous team and in Pittsburgh protection better be at an A performance for real!! GO BILLS!!

    Z D

    @david b Pittsburgh isnt dangerous. They have scored like 17 points over their last like 6 games on avg

    david b

    @Z D their defense is legit men!!, weather me admired or not (buffalo needs this game for sure hope they pull it!!)

Karo French

We need Duke to play and sit one of the tight ends.

    Max Julien

    What happened to Duke? Was he placed on the practice squad again?

    Duck Squad

    Max Julien he’s just been a healthy scratch every game since the titans game

    Max Julien

    @Duck Squad Well they need to reactivate him, he is a goal threat.

Cosmic Jerry

Keep Playing Fearless 🏈

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