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I’m a true fan love y’all cowboys

MoneyMan Ty

Love Sean’s attitude he 💯 on & off the field big part of our defense glad we been having a beast like him he make so many good tackles & stops it’s a blessing to have him on this team despite his injuries 👍🏾

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    Giffond Hall


    aaron rogers

    @Giffond Hall he said quest for 6 not we’re gonna win the super bowl anything can happen

Cater Dig

Is Sean Lee playin?

    Jaden Lawrence

    Cater Dig yes

    Ali Muhammad


    aaron rogers

    Lol skooter

John Garcia

I always liked this little dude

    Charles Chreptak

    Me too, but he isn’t so little anymore. He really bulked up last 4 or 5 years. It tool away some of his quickness but he had to so he could try to make it thru a full season.

    John Garcia

    Charles Chreptak great! He was tough but really today’s linebackers have to be 6’2” 260 and roided up to last the season. Deep tendon and ligament tie ins to avoid much injury. The game has evolved to huge dudes. UT’s Sammy Cosme lives in my hood. He’s 6’6” 310 is built like a bodybuilder and can run a 4.6 40 yard dash and he’s only 20! Offensive tackle so you can imagine what linebackers endure!

    Charles Chreptak

    @John Garcia I agree, Lee is listed at 6′ 2′, and last year they said he was right at 260, after playing at 245 for his first 5 years. So he isn’t huge, but he is now bigger than most people realize. It has definitely slowed him down though. – peace out

Christopher M

NO! Say the truth Sean… If his dad wore any Cowboys gear he would get spit on, beer thrown, and probably assaulted.

Braden Carter

Sean Lee playing?

    Jeshaun Payne

    Braden Carter I would assume so

    aaron rogers

    Lol skooter

Giffond Hall

Sean Lee needs to blitz Carson all day long

Jaguar Warrior

Sean Lee ready for another intense game with more action. Every play is an inspiration to win and recognize CowboyNation. Appreciate you guys for the positivity and leaving the negativity out of your minds. Focus on taking First and finishing this fight!!!


Sean Lee is a great man

Pedro Pedro

The General!!!!!!

lisa colon

I will wear your Jersey on Sunday #50

Cody Smith

Sean lee is a beast we need to stay alive

Do More

That hat

Rich Millette



Sean Lee make a new coffee called “General’s Bean” …add a protein option and sales would be legit!!! Here in Hawaii both regular coffee and protein infused coffee are great sellers and the Cowboys are Hawaiian favorites.

Donald Evans

No missed tacking we got this.

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