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Garrett Hilbelink

Green Bay Fans told me Clay Matthews was washed, I don’t see it.

    Bobo The Duck

    @holstfly1 wym its self explanatory. Attention on Donald takes attention off Mathews

    Eric Berendsen

    8 or 9 sacks this yr..not bad huh

    Chris Jones

    @Garrett Hilbelink schemes on defense, coaching all play a part in Clays production over last 3 years at green it’s safe to say in under a new scheme Clay is getting back.all I was saying was don’t get too hype like green Bay did when him and Jared Allen were contesting for sack leader

    Chris Jones

    Then the following year he was a no show up until he went to rams


    @ghawkins816 I think what you mean to say is, that he’d have 10 sacks if he were on a better team.

Josue Tejada

It only took about 12 weeks for the Rams offense to be good again


    Don’t get mad! The seacocks are the worst 10-3 team and won’t make it passed the first round.

    Daniel Coronado

    Don’t forget wilcard teams can whoop on any seed any given Sunday

    taco highlite

    @E C Lmao I can’t wait tell jackson gets injured so yall stfu.

    ✪ KnZ

    all right calm down now, any offence can look good with my seahawks defensive inconsistencies.

Omni Pepper

Today has been a good day for a Packers and Niners fans

    Alexander Flicker

    And for Vikings fans!


    Yessir 😤

    Chris Ardaiz

    Mmmmmmmhhhhmmmmmmm!!! I love me some bbq sea chicken!!!!

    dave wenzel

    @Killer Champion green bay hasent really looked good the second half of the season and the defense has dissappeared.

Brandon Oki

Imagine 3 out of 4 teams in the same division being in the playoffs.


    @Larry Legend is a GOAT if they lose against Green Bay pretty much seals it


    That’s because the WEST is the BEST. #bangBANGninerGANG4LIFE

    Carlos Reid

    @Solenya the NFC east in total history is the best but this season is poor and personally any team under .500 with 7 – 9 or 6 – 10 record should be in any playoffs.

    and 1985 Bears 46 to Patriots 10 in Superbowl XX but I guess you mean this dynasty era team you

    The Decima

    Brandon Oki that’s happened before lol


    @Ethan Rios yes, but as a Niners fan…even I will admit that the NFC East (though a joke this year) is historically the strongest team, where ALL teams have gone to the Superbowl multiple times, and three out of four teams have won at least 3 Superbowls (amazingly).

Giantsbetterthandodgers 30

As a 49er fan I have to give props to Aaron Donald. That man was double and triple teamed all game. Yet he still fought.

    K T

    That is every play of his life


    that’s what I said too! The dude is the best football player out there.

    M Andrade

    All game? Try all season long, against the ravens he was double a triple teamed every single snap.

    8balln8 killingu65

    @Xever Williams Vikings are screwed anyway
    Games against green bay and Chicago which BLEW THEM OUT by multiple scores the first time around


Feel like Rams have been an issue to the seahawks when they pulled that fake punt return under Fisher.

    Cool Eddie14

    @Ken Kaneki yes i loved that game sooooo much .

    Aiden Eitel

    @211 Steel have fun playing the rams in two weeks. (Btw the division all comes down to week 17 in Seattle) #gohawks


    Didn’t you have a Rodgers profile pic last week? What happened here bud?

Tyler Gantert

Rams Defense made Russell Wilson look like the poor man’s Lamar Jackson when Wilson was scrambling


    @Joshua M Yeah obviously any running qb wears out the defense. He still has the best blocking O line in the game if you know anything about football.

    Joshua M

    @oreosinmymilk the Ravens dont have the best o line in football, Lamar Jackson makes it easier for them, and also wears out the d line

    Cheerioss -

    oreosinmymilk It’s alright there’s no point in reasoning with bandwagon Raven fans


    @Joshua M Well they gave a top 5 O line and Seahawks have the worst. Lamar Jackson benefits from it, if you cant see that then you don’t pay much attention to football bud

    Mike James

    More like Seneca Wallace


Three NFC west teams deserve to make the playoffs and neither the Cowboys or Eagles should make it!😂

    Los Angeles Lakers

    @Jerry Junior its hilarious

    Carson Wentz Fan

    @Lebron KING James 74-8 and WE Won Okay

    Pre-Jordan Basketball fan

    10-11 win team probably going to miss the playoffs for a 7-8 win NFC East team

Jordan Davis

I think we can all agree Lamar Jackson pretty much won the MVP after this performance from Wilson tonight

    Alan Munson

    @Noe Zamora bosa, kittle.


    Malik Turner missed an easy touchdown. Jacob Hollister caught a td but it was overturned because of someone on the offensive line committing a penalty (don’t remember who). Malik Turner also missed 2 easy fourth down converters. This game is to blame on the secondary, Malik Turner, and the offensive line. The announcer jinxed our o line anyway because he said the offensive line was bigger and stronger (I don’t remember which announcer said it)


    This is not Wilson’s fault and he did not have a bad game.

    Daniel Wilson

    Jordan Davis definitely not it wasn’t russels fault

    Lukas Panzer

    @Sukh K. ah ok got it wrong then


Can the NFC East be banned from the playoffs to make room for the Rams?

    8balln8 killingu65

    Minnesota SHOULD be removed because they haven’t beat a winning team all year actually

    8balln8 killingu65

    @Noe Zamora that’s entirely possible this year

    8balln8 killingu65

    @Sam King Vikings will lose their final 2 games
    They ARE 0 N 4 vs a winning team all year
    2 playoff teams on their schedule left

    Aaron Laughlin

    Chris E I would get behind that, if the division doesn’t have a team above .500 then a third wildcard is brought in


    For real! The shitty cowboys don’t deserve that #4 seed

SeahawkDon 12

Rams ran the same scheme the whole game and we didn’t stop anything

    marcel parizal

    ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ – why do you care ? Did you get your feelings hurt 😢

    SeahawkDon 12

    DeeDaRamsFAN 28 yup they ran that what like 8 times and even 2-3 times in a row

    Sean Stockwell

    Keymuandre Abdallah you should be proud if you’re team is doing good, but don’t get cocky, it’s just annoying and makes you look dumb at the end

    Dwayne Jones

    Yeah dude. I’m a Rams fan so I’m glad it worked but you are absolutely right. I kept time and again seeing them motion Robert Woods. And he was doing end arounds a lot too. But Seahawks for some reason couldn’t stop it

Matt Pine II

Damn Gurley, Tre Flower’s family was watching the game.

    Garrett Bennett

    Stiff-armed him into the shadow realm

    Rey Gomez


    Pre-Jordan Basketball fan

    Looked like Dark Vader for a minute there

    Matt Pine II

    That stiff arm summed up their night




Seems like the Rams were still angry after what the Ravens did to them.

    xGxrdo _

    Ken Kaneki facts

    xGxrdo _

    Ty Nao cool wasn’t against the Seahawks though

    xGxrdo _

    Ty Nao y’all lost to Dallas in the playoffs 😂

    xGxrdo _

    Justin Murphy not if we win against them them

    Sean Stockwell

    xGxrdo _ lmao do we need a recap of the game earlier this year? i swear fans get extremely cocky when their team wins a game

John Smith

Strongest division in the league! They all beat each other every year lol


    @Ken Kaneki lol y’all really feeling yourselves huh. 49ers will make sure you get your reality check.

    Issac Nelson

    @Jsalcedo23 damn so did the niners=)

    Jake Shattuck

    Jsalcedo23 So you’re saying they lost?

    Issac Nelson

    @Jake Shattuck a loss is a loss. But it is crazy how two teams in the same division lost to the same team in the same division by missing a game winning field goal.

    J nasty Yeet

    Niners did beat the Seahawks last year with nick Mullen’s. He outdueled Wilson


this was a terrible outing for the seahawks; the final score doesnt adequately portray how soundly they got whooped.

    Xever Williams

    We were fortunate penny got injured, then caroll abandoned the run and got pass happy

    Harvey Too Fresh

    Big facts

    Harvey Too Fresh

    @Xever Williams not true


Seahawks fans: Can it not be a close game this time?

Seahawks: Yea

    Marc Amico

    @OldSkool 4TNINER Even when Kurt Warner and Marc Bulger were playing for the Rams. They ALWAYS gave Seattle a tough time. By the way,last time the NFCW was decided by wk 17 waa vs Sam Bradford and the Rams back in 2010. 7-9 PRIDE and Seattle will most likely win vs SF in wk 17. You’re obviously ignorant knowing and WATCHING the history between Seattle vs LAR/St. Louis/LAR.

    OldSkool 4TNINER

    @Marc Amico Awww you’re cute 🙂 What’s ignorant is using irrelevant history to explain Seattle’s 2019 performance. 8 of Seattle’s 10 wins have been decided by 7 points or less, 4 of those 8 are by 3 points or less. That has nothing to do with their history with the Rams…lol Those are facts for 2019, not 2010 or some other irrelevant statistic. Crawl back into your hawks nest and focus on the Panthers, your comment was completely useless.

    Marc Amico

    @OldSkool 4TNINER Congrats on winning your regular season Super Bowl. ✌👏👏👏👏


    Derncake bruh this cant be more accurate, I’m a seahawks fan, good one dude 😂

    Arctic JoseYT

    OldSkool 4TNINER were still in the playoff picture :-/


Rams Defense : “let’s blitz every play”
Seahawks Offense: “time for deep passes and long developing plays”

    Nigga Hobbs

    Rams Offense: “Let’s play the same scheme all game, hit the cross routes and slants for easy yardage”
    Seahawks Defense: “I have no idea what they’re doing coach.. maybe we should cover deep”

    Bobby B

    But they didn’t, I feel like they ran the ball way to much and didn’t get any momentum on offense the entire game.. They just played so poorly tbh

    Like who are you?


    Salohcin Nicholas

    Rams: I HATE BIRDS 👿

LeeTravius Mckay

“Aaron Donald is there what else is new” 🏈

Marcus Boswell

Seattle: “I’m not gonna lie, they had us coming out of the tunnel.”

    Jarod Estes

    Underrated comment😂😂😂😂

    Jason Smith

    Jarod Estes

    Please stop this

    Harvey Too Fresh

    They had no shot..they knew they should have lost in Seattle back in week 5…they dont want no part of the Rams

Maven Frankeus

“He gets a facial from Gurley and it looks ugly”. I thought I searched for the wrong thing.

    Jeffrey Stern



    Maven Frankeus 😂

    Jose Alexi


    Dwayne Braid

    Chirs Collinsworth is the real 🐐🐐

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