Seahawks interested in signing Antonio Brown | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Seahawks interested in signing Antonio Brown | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says the team is interested in signing Antonio Brown once his suspension is over. Mike Florio and Chris Simms look at his potential fit in Seattle. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #SeattleSeahawks
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Seahawks interested in signing Antonio Brown | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Master Malcolm Video Jungle Reply

If Seattle is still undefeated, AB will join them when he can sign

    Chris Fudge Reply

    Even if they have 1 loss or 2 he will sign with them becuase they got russell

KomodoDojo Reply

49ers need to get AB

    Ghost Adventure Reply

    49ers qb can’t throw to ball to him. He’ll mad and destroy their lockeroom 😅

    KomodoDojo Reply

    @Ghost Adventure what?
    Jimmy G throws 70% completion. AB would put up huge numbers

    K Mc Reply

    @KomodoDojo for 10 attempts

Chris Davis Reply

Good luck with that drama Seattle

    nas smith Reply

    Pete has gone through this multiple times before and came out victorious

Jon Melendez Reply

*Drama queen joining the seahawks*

    P R Reply

    If he turns into a circus they’ll cut him in a heartbeat. If he wants to man up and play football he’ll be an asset

    Chris Fudge Reply

    Honestly this is a gamble they can take

John Paul Bacon Reply

AB would be a great addition for the Hawks. Hope it works out he can join them.

Softnumnums Reply

Make a big trade now for a DE… Then snag ab in a week.

    Chris Fudge Reply

    Yessir we need to get Dunlap or Kerrigan,

P R Reply

Can AB play cornerback??

    nas smith Reply


    Chris Fudge Reply

    We dont need a CB😂we need a pass rush

    nas smith Reply

    @Chris Fudge we do need a pass rush but we also need a cb. Tre flowers is a big contributing factor to the defense being as bad as it is. Dunbar is solid but whenever we’re in nickel flowers almost always gets beat

    GodLovesYou Reply

    @nas smith Nah we just need Quinton Dunbar to be heathy.

    nas smith Reply

    @GodLovesYou Dunbar is good but if they come out in a 3 receiver set we have no one else who can confidently cover the 3rd reciever

Nick King Televised Reply

Gordon, AB, Metcalf, Lockett, Olson, Disley, and Moore? Russ isn’t Cooking…he’s grilling

    LionsTigersBearsOhMy Animals Reply

    That’s a 6 star restaurant

    Jaxon Doyle Reply

    No Russ will be put in jail for stage 3 arson.

    snaggletooth Reply

    Great comment

    mike b Reply



Go hawks we getting a.b

Nandarr389 _ Reply

if the seahawks sign AB, its over for defenses LMAO

Elijah Rogers Reply

I hope AB signs with the Bucs

The random Dude Reply

Plz dont sign ab seattle

    TheJimmyJ57 Reply

    Why not lol with ab, lockette, greg olson, dk metcalf and antonio brown with chris carson as a running back russell wilson wouldn’t just be cooking my guy he’d be fucking roasting and smoking defenses in a 6 star offense lmao this dude would be charged for arson to nfl defenses and trust me Kansas city would leave a bad review because they jealous😂

Joe Lee Reply

AB needs Seahawks more than Seahawks need AB. Seattle is one organization that can handle him. Established coach and QB, with leaders in locker room like Wagner, Brown, Wright, etc. and young future all pros like DK and Adams that won’t be influenced or intimidated.

    sthao1 Reply

    like how they were able to handle guys like earl thomas and percy harvin? ab is worst than those two times ten.

    Joe Lee Reply

    @sthao1 Percy was in Seattle when Russ and Bobby’s were 2nd year in the league. He helped to win SB and got shipped out when he couldn’t coexist with Baldwin. ET was never a distraction on the field or locker room until injury. It was all about money with him. Not like when he was with Ravens. Back then, the team was centered around LOB. Now this is Russ’ team. Even AB knows that you’re not going to be criticising Russ and expect to play on Sunday on this team.

    sthao1 Reply

    @Joe Lee but if the team had to ship him out because the team couldnt handle percy harvin do you seriously think they can handle ab?

    Joe Lee Reply

    @sthao1 again, Harvin situation was 7 years ago! This is a whole different team! Whole different situation! Harvin came as a trade for 3 draft picks including a first rounder and signed to a huge contract. So he felt entitled and untouchable. This situation is much different in so many ways. If you just keep looking back to 7 years ago, you will never move forward. You can’t always live in fear of worrying about the worst. He who said they never had a chance, never took a chance. Roll the dice, man!

Biggs Jones Reply

You don’t need a Diva, you need a Defense

    Zach Teel Reply

    As said in the video, there’s no one person out there who can just flip a switch for our defense and magically make it a top defense. However, getting AB would make our offense much more potent. People need to double DK, now they’ll have to double DK and AB. This’ll lead to, either, tight ends always being open or Tyler Lockett always getting open. Adding AB just makes out offense that much more scary and hard to defend against.
    And with all that coverage on our receivers, Chris Carson can enjoy feasting with less holes on the defensive line being filled.


    @Zach Teel exactly, regardless of his off the field antics, this is a high reward low risk move for the hawks

Stephen A. Smiff Reply

Don’t bring AB around DK Metcalf…why risk AB destroying the cohesion of your team?

Rodney Burr Reply

The Seahawks don’t need him but they missed out on a deal for Yannick… again.

cholhwa Reply

I have nothing against AB. I wish his success where he fits. But like Earl Thomas, when they get to their 30’s, it’s hard to be with them
when they selfishly want their way. They don’t want to be you. They want to be them. They don’t want to be team. They want to be individual.

trenchant2 Reply

They called Josh Gordon a problem, and then he came to Seattle and things were great. He wanted to stay and Seattle signed him again. The culture in Seattle can handle AB, the Hawks have done it before and they will do it again.

Mr.BigBoss7 Reply

AB has yet to play on the opposite side of a WR like DK and a have QB like Russ. The fact everyone is pushing this as a bad idea makes me think it’s a great idea. Everyone else is afraid of the result, Simms even mentioned it

Nancy Harris Reply

Hi 🙂

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