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Seahawks Defense Reacts To No Touchdowns Allowed | Locker Room Sound

Seven sacks and eleven tackles for loss — both stats were key contributors to keeping the Eagles out of the end zone. Go inside the Seahawks locker room to see what the players and coaches had to say about their defense following Seattle's win against the Philadelphia Eagles during the Wild Card round at Lincoln Financial Field.

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Everyone played great, and Barton killed it too, so that was dope

    Wes Takahashi

    Barton is going to kill it here

    samauri butler

    Tre flowers was meh the whole game in my opinion

    Dalton Ballard

    Barton was great he’s gotta fix those penalties though


Clowney isnt dirty but dont be surprised if one our linemen knock him out next week. Go pack go


    @Ian Cringer Did you hear what the other guy said? Cmon respect

    Chris Boe

    @AGK927 thanks for recognizing Clowney’s not dirty. He’s not getting knocked out tho. Only thing getting knocked out next week is the Packers from there playoffs

    Wes Takahashi

    Like that doesn’t happen every week.

    Wes Takahashi

    How you feel about Mathews? He rides that line.

Steve Anderson

That was an awesome game mr. Coach it was very entertaining and guys stepped up

Meow Mix

Diggs is the REAL DEAL. Thank you Detroit Lions !

Michelle Ezeugo

Wonderful performance. 💙💚💙💚

Andrew Nguyen

Awesome performance tonight

Praying Mantis

You beat my Eagles and it hurts…
Good luck the rest of the way.

    Wes Takahashi

    You too friend. I respect the heart your team plays with.

    Jairo Rodriguez

    U guys got next season hope wentz for a good recovery go hawks.

Baltazar Munoz

Barton ballin

MJP Trickshots

Whoever disliked the video is a Eagles fan

James Madison

Bobby Wagner, super smart player who can stop you. He’s great!!

most feared conflict

K.J. got his first sack of the season


Keep that up

Miguel Estrada

Thanks guys

Dalton Ballard

Diggs brings the standard up on the Defense

Jim Chiro

Yup our defense play good don’t give up a touchdown..let’s do one more time in green bay..go hawks.

Shahiem Cook

We need that same energy next week guys!!

Ely Pevets

Poona Ford seems to be in the middle of a lot of backfield disruptions

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