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Seahawks at Panthers Hype Video | Week 15

The Seattle Seahawks hit the road to take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 15 at Bank of America Stadium.

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Chance Ream

Go hawks!

Kyson George



Go get em hawks!

Chris Cantillas

Go Hawks! You better win out there hawks go win This thing!♥️

Nicholas Uber

Hawks all the way.


Here before Elana mccullum

Russell T

Go hawks, Russell throw 5TDs for the 12 man!!

    Rico Alexander

    I misread this as throw STDs…yuuuck

Leland Bacon

Maybe try and win this week fellas

    Puppygod Yt

    Leland Bacon stfu they doing something that u can’t do

Its YoBoyAnt

💚💙💚💙Let’s get it

Cory Campbell

The Seattle Seahawks is going to beat the Carolina Panthers on Sunday Go Hawks!💚💙💚💙

Shahiem Cook

We’ll take it!!

A Fucking Bird

We’re talking everything! Including our division! GoHawks!

The Pickle zone

Let’s go hawks!! Let’s be 11-3 and dominate the panthers!!

    Noah Sorensen

    Lets finish 13-3 with a dominating win against the niners!

Gump Boi 22

I love my Seahawks and I appreciate the effort for producing this video but it’s hard for me to get hype about this game because Carolina isn’t at their best and on top of that Cam is out and so is Ron

beverly dunlap

Guys be humble and remember to respect everyone,because this is the time win or loose you will teach a whole lot of youngsters what is True Sportsmen ship .Just mark my words The Meek Inherited the World

Charlie P


Brennan H

Nah we’ll probably be on the road through out the playoffs😂

    Eli Torres

    Brennan H true, or we can have a first round bye. we don’t settle for just making the playoffs, we want to dominate it.

    Brennan H

    Eli Torres we cant dominate team when we lose 28-12 to the rams

    Eli Torres

    Brennan H the rams aren’t a bad team. tbh they didn’t look like their usual self that game. but one bad loss doesn’t reflect the entire team.


They seriously better win this game no excuses!

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