Scott Turner Previews First NFL Start For QB Will Grier | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

*Grabs popcorn

Caudahy Hall

the truth is Kyle sucks that’s y the NFL is on to Him

    Caudahy Hall

    Balyeet Bhagaloe you right but I still think we might end up drafting one….if Grier plays like he did In the pre season.

    Balyeet Bhagaloe

    Caudahy Hall yeah of course both kyle and will arent starting qbs imo. We need to be either very lucky if cam can continue to play or even wants to or we need to draft one

    Caudahy Hall

    Balyeet Bhagaloe I know it’s just I had hoped for him because I thought he was gone play like he did at WV

    John Smith

    He came out kicking tho.


    Caudahy Hall talk English

Glissa Mane

Carolina Panthers gang


luck Sunday : – )

Pressley - the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum

Sweet, Will Grier was graded as a 1st round QB on PFF’s 2019 Draft Board

Nile Child

Seem like Scott trying to make his dad proud……be your own coach….oh I forgot he still the quarterback coach..and it shows

Rex Smith

Scott’s play-calling has been good. Stefanski for HC next year, Scott for OC, keep Cam, draft Oline and Dline. Just my two cents for going forward.

    Jocelyn Price

    That sounds nice

Ethan Myers

I like Scott’s demeanor if he can get the best out of Grier I say he deserves an interview as OC next year, really think we need some youth on the coaching staff, that’s the way a lot of these players respond to but as far as head coach gimmie Cowher just write the check on tep!!!

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