Saquon Barkley’s Ankle Breakin’ 2019 Mixtape | New York Giants Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Cook'n W/ Curry

Bruh, rethink that title after his injury earlier this year

    kenny Joseph


    IMB Films

    Why? 😂

Abie Beyda

Forgot vs cowboys 68 yrd catch

Muz Kamal26

SaQuad barkley is a goat

Dylan_ Corsi

Please don’t ever leave

Robert The Musician

Keep working at it Saquon, we can’t wait till next year!

Robert The Musician

It’s great how this video is 2:26 seconds long when 26 is Saquons number

    Cook'n W/ Curry

    Pick 2. #26


    Year 2 for #26 👍🏾👍🏾


Keep hittin’em with the dueces Saquon.


Throw up a whole ✌

Sachin Balkarran

A healthy Saquon is the clear cut best back in the league

Young LB

Saquon the gout in my opinion

Random Ryan

🔥💯 beat running back in the league

Random Ryan


Theodore Moundo


Bill M

Imagine he had an O line that could block consistently? Or a scheme that didn’t telegraph most plays?

Big Blue Squad

He had 1400 scrimmage yards in 13 games, with a sprain ankle all season behind a mediocre O’line. Have him fully healthy with a top 5 O’line in 16 games, he gets 2500+ scrimmage yards.

    Nash Scheber

    If he stays healthy next year he is breaking records


I like the pats but saquon is my fav rob and in my top 10 favorite players


    I meant rb

Richard Pilhofer

Started & ended the year with a 60 yard run 💯

Mike D

1:21 What happened Nicholson ??   2:08 was the GIANTS HIGHLIGHT OF THE SEASON ! ! !    He threw up the PEACE-OUT as soon as he saw the day light . . .


We need to get this team competitive again before we waste this man’s prime.

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