Saquon Barkley’s 2019 FULL Season Highlights | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Izzy Boiii


Lil Robux

1:56 and 3:28

    Richard Pilhofer

    against the Lions he straight DROPPED that mofo

Nico The Giant

Saquon = 🐐

Richard Pilhofer

anybody who says he shouldn’t have been drafted at #2 is DUMB. a talent like him only comes along once in a generation.

Michele Monae

Saquon had a good year overall. I love how explosive he is. It’s scary to know, how great he’s gonna be.

Joseph LaBella

My boy sa


I will love Saquon Barkley for the rest of time, no matter what team he’s on.


    Hopefully he will be on the Giants for years to come


Lol what. Where is the touchdown pass he caught against the Lions?? I would consider that a highlight lol…

GFS Tempo

Bro just to see him hurt honestly sucked Saquon had a ruff season the whole team had a ruff season but that’s the reason he wasn’t doing that good when he came back he had a couple of good runs but everyone can tell he was trying to rush into coming back but saquon is our future with Daniel Jones and other rookies and players that we have but next year we will definitely be a lot better with coaches and the team Go Giants


I’m going to miss watching him play. He’s explosive! ❤️💙


Thank god pat shurmur is gone


To miss a few games and not play so well in a few games and he still got 1,000 yards rushing is amazing

Watch & Learn

SB broke 1k yards this year in his “Sophomore slump” after missing essentially 3 games and running injured for at least another 3 games. Let’s see how this comment ages but I’m betting he breaks 2k next year if management can solidify the O-line a bit.

    Kevin Burke

    Watch & Learn plus he missed the whole 2nd half when he hurt his ankle vs Bucs. Plus he had like 2 yards rushing vs Jets. Amazing he had 1000 yards rushing. Shurmur held him back. With new coach Saquon will be legendary next year.

    Hubert - Brawl Stars

    Better draft Andrew Thomas is he’s there

Anthony Johnson

Anyone know were to find that white pinstripe Giants hat he’s wearing at end of video? Can’t find it anywhere

Alex Sneh

Please Giants, let’s become competitive quickly before we waste his talent!

    Lil Robux

    Hopefully with a new coach.


    Already wasting his talent with that crap O line and terrible play calling. Hope our new OC/HC know what they’re doing.

Andy Gillis

Considering how bad the team he plays for Barkley has proven to be the Best Running Back in the NFL. I hope the Giants franchise get a great team built around # 26.

Amiyah Sanders

Damn when I saw this I thought that offensive line would be amazing. Boy was I fooled

Theodore Moundo

Next year playoffs 🙂


Just wait until we get a top ranked O-Line.

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