Sammy Watkins Beats Richard Sherman on Crucial Completion | Super Bowl LIV – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Joshua Johnson

Sherman’s bumass is overrated 😂😂😂


    @peterfrknpan I mean tbh, he’s pretty been a safety in CB form. He was never an above average one-on-one corner.


    @Nothing Special Not talking about Sammy. Dude was holding it against Sherman for being burned by Julio, Michael Thomas, and Devante Adams.


    @DonKrieg95 when claim to be the best corner in the league. yes.

    donavon pip

    Isaac Calip did sherm carry them?

jason garcia

Darrelle Revis is loving this right now

    B Fresh

    MikeBNumba6 lol I present a fair argument and you resort to calling me a fan boy. I’m no we’re near a 9ers fan 🤣


    @B Fresh It wasn’t a fair argument at all. You’re using age when that wasn’t the case all season.

    B Fresh

    MikeBNumba6 He definitely wasn’t prime Sherman he was good but his team(record and teammates) helped his play and helped him earn all pro nods


    @B Fresh Now that I agree with

    John Downs

    Sherman should’ve grabbed his hamstring after he got beat


Shanahan. Choke artist just like in Atlanta. Poor plays. Refused to run the ball with Mostert when it worked.


    Michael Morton nah I’m talking about Jimmy Sanders


    Chiefs defense made adjustments and shut down their run game

kevin shelly

Sherman is simply too slow.

Ethan Phillips

Guess Darrelle Revis was Hella right

    Tony Smith

    Jacob Hickman where you getting that from. He dropped a 44yd bomb on him on the previous drive lol thats a fact

    Jacob Hickman

    @austin waisner And? That’s nothing…He gave up minimal yards per catch and the numbers will be skewed because of the big play he let up to Watkins. And don’t act like he isn’t one of tje best CB still in the league. He’s not what he once was was but he’s definitely still up there

    Jacob Hickman


Slammin Steelhead PNW

If it’s one thing I’ve seen this season. It’s never try to gain a lead over Kansas City cause that offense and mahomes will just throw that lead back in your face.

    17yearsofFuego LebronJames

    man please the play calling of 49ers was trash down the end….Russell Wilson looked 10x better than Mahommes vs a real defense…the 31 was because of a INT…it was really 24-20 game Jimmy G just choked at the end…Mahommes was medicore vs a great defense


    17yearsofFuego LebronJames someone’s mad😭

    Thale Leaf

    @17yearsofFuego LebronJames oh look at that thanks for the salt bud, dont need to go to the store now


    @17yearsofFuego LebronJames what kind of cologne u got on man

J Mack

Sherman needed to cut that hair, the wind resistance is slowing him down.

    Goku Black


    Jon Wiley



    J Mack nah. It’s the weight of his ego

Gunny Swagger

Richard Sherman gon start crying again 🤣

    Goku Black


    Karly Reeves

    I was waiting for another pathetic freakout like he did during playoffs in 2014……hes such a little b*tch

    Rowdy Jr.

    Fun Fact: Sherman is now 1-2 in super bowls just like my Seahawks. DAT’S TUFF!

    Ron Collier

    He gonna cry in the car

Tyler Davidson

Sammmmmmmyyy!!! From the 239 Fort Myers, Fl went to high school with him. Couple years older than me, but everyone knew even then he was going to be a stud in the NFL

Joseph Williams

Outscored 21-0 in 8 mins


    6 minutes actually

GYOG Chow Maine

Michael Crabtree and Darrell Revis doin the Tiger woods uppercut celebration right now.

    Robert Gray

    Both are at home he still playing in a super bowl. Fill me in

Jay Goodman

Nobody stays fast after so many years😏

Lone Wolf

Jimmy is overrated. He got exposed tonight


    @Ancienne Belgique

    But he played no part in that. He contributed nothing to TOM BRADY

    Alexia Is On Fire

    JJ Chrismer you can thank the woke Luciferian cult for that

    Max 117

    @Nick George Yeah that was bad. That was the game right there. Then he couldn’t throw a first down to save his life. That’s what eventually led to the 49ers defense getting tired.

Takyo Bao

Hey!. Richard you’re getting old man.

Wild Bill

Skip is gonna be all over Sherman for this blunder and expect a tweet by Revis Island as well saying I told you so


    Revis have every right to say it too.


This is the first time in his life that Richard Sherman has been speechless 😶

    Rowdy Jr.

    Fun Fact: Sherman is now 1-2 in super bowls just like my Seahawks.


    because he got exposed. He has no one else to blame but himself for getting smoked in front of millions.


    It is rather refreshing. He needs a haircut

Joe Schlotthauer

Sherman will be forever remembered as;


    Burnt toast and a loud mouth who couldn’t back up his hype


    Can only play zone



    Joe Schlotthauer

    That’s better than my post…


    Snap Snap simp


I can just imagine Shermans face when the Butler interception happened.


“When u try me wit a sorry receiver like Crabtree that’s the result u goona get 😂😂😂“

    Analyze Perspective

    When u try him with a descent wr like Watkins this is what u get burnt toast

    Ozzy no drix

    when u try me wit a sorry corner like sherman thats the result u gonna get


    Lmao that was in his prime tho, before he got slow and old

    Kingdom Dude From StL

    ‘Who are you talking about?’ ‘CRABtree!’ 😂


    Crabtree burned him on that play. Ball was under thrown by Kap

Jason Alexander

Darrelle Revis is laughing right now.

    Justin P

    @DJ MEL And Sherman was calling the fans “idiots” for questioning Jimmy as a liability a couple days before the game.

    DJ MEL

    @Justin P lol


    Justin P Just trying to boost Jimmy G confidence.

    Mikerism Messiah

    ​@Ig you know Revis is the highest paid CB in NFL history right?

    Robert Gray

    @xBane so that one play count over all the other plays the safety blow. Lol

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