Sammy Watkins’ 2019 Season Highlights | Kansas City Chiefs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ayden Keesler

Chiefs Kingdom! It’s time for Andy to get his ring!


So week 1 and the playoffs?

    Imthegoat Vids

    TheJFerg24 so week 1 and the rest of the seasons all them catches he still caught is still a highlight

    Young Kills

    You see how he elevated his game in BIG MOMENTS? especially playoffs look at last year afc championship against patriots

Brandon Hollingsworth

Legendary season…. finish strong.

paul pogba

The Superbowl will probably be his last game as a chief

    Rick Barton

    Depends on if his deal can be creatively restructured. Veach alluded the other day they’re going to try. We’ll see.

Fernando Garci-crespo

I love Sammy! Always falls forward and trucks o er CB’s like nobody’s business. Go Chiefs !

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