Sam Darnold Exit Interview: “It Was A Crazy Year” | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lindles J

Hope this kid is great time will tell

Angelo Gonzalez

“Crazy Year”

That’s one way of putting it haha

    Sam Darnold is a BUST! Change My Mind

    Watch him stub his toe next year and miss another 3 games


Norman Alvarez

Next year!!

danglerz TV

Give this man protection and watch him rise to a top 10 QB next season

ken boyd

Can you give this kid a supporting o line and front office? Before he gets injured and our chances are gone


Love you Sam great year. Next year WILL be better🔥

c k

Sam is wired the right way. I know people say that so much that it loses meaning but it’s true. That’s what a face of the franchise looks like. Humble, optimistic, not easily rattled etc

Tyler F

We gotta give him an oline

Yay Area Jet Fan

That’s my QB!!!

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