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Keeping It Real

If your favorite team in the NFC is not the Saints then pack up and go home cause your team is not going to the SB. That’s the Saints spot.


    Keeping It Real Lol The Packers are going to the Super Bowl we’re going to get home-field advantage throughout the Niners aren’t going to win the division!

    Evil Dax

    Saints have the offense to match up against any defense

    Ethan Cowart

    My favourite team is the Packers but since the playoffs have been tough the saints have become my second favourite team in the league


    oh dear, I’m rooting for the Seahawks- but I’m home in bed anyway

    honey badger

    ProteanGreninja I meant Broncos


Here before 4 million views lol


    Blackthorn 461

    COZERN every one that ever see’s this is probably going to be here before 4 million views

Oscar jr Jimenez

Colts sucked tonight and The Saints dominate

Eric Brocko2020

Where was this last week

    Yo Yo

    Getting destroyed by the refs


    Last week woke them up. That defense was unacceptable.

Johnnyy Bravoo

Bad luck Colts! Ha ha ha! Try again getting back to the Playoffs next year whenever you’re ready!

Jai Norman

We All Saw This Coming

Eddie Chen

How’d everybody’s fantasy team do?


    made the finals in 4 out 7


    Won the semifinal, moved onto the final round. Saints D gave me a good lil boost.

Tony Montana

Been a long time since I seen a D like that from the Saints. They might drag old man Brees to another Super Bowl. Think 2015 Broncos.

    Peter Abbe

    2015 Broncos were an all time great defense. The saints gave up 48 points last week lol

    Tony Montana

    @JZdude518 very true Brees is much better in this stage of his career and maybe this defense isn’t quite as good as 2015 Broncos but it still feels similar

    CPSlayer 8889

    Old man Brees that just did 29-30 with 300 yards and 4 TDs…

    Evil Dax

    Bree’s threw 6 TDs vs 49ers never before done

Dustin Long

Jenkins is gonna be a key in there success.


This Saints defense needed this after last week, but the Colts just looked like they weren’t ready. Good job Saints, what a way to be resilient! Now we must hope the Saints can try and get 1st seed, it’s possible, but it won’t be easy.

    Chevelle_ 504

    Kynx Saints defense need a little wake up call. After the loss last week they went back to the drawing board and made some adjustments.

David Ogle

That last sack was on brissett because he didn’t recognize the blitz and when Nelson and Kelly double teamed onyemata thst freed up the b gap for pj

Titan Master Race

Chiefs and saints picked up some player’s today

Justin Credible

Because of that touchdown by the colts a guy in my fantasy league lost his opportunity to go to the finals, feel so bad for him….. he had the saints defence


Good luck beating the Saints in January if they get a first round bye if not the 1 seed.



Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective

The defense played well tonight, but Brissett did not help the Colts AT ALL!.

# Guiltless

Not like the Colts are some powerhouse..Come on!

jerry robinson

Gardner-Johnson played great


Saints doing Saints things

Andrew Maynard


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